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Exile 2: Crystal Souls (Macintosh)

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Cheat Codes

Tower Of Magic bonus

Locate the teleporter in the Tower Of Magic in chapter four. Then, type eas ter egg as coordinates.


New hostile monster

When a splitting enemy that has been summoned by Simulacrum is hit and splits, the new monster will be hostile. Note: This was tried with DoomGuard.

Tough army

Delete all the default characters and start creating a party. The commander should have 20 skill of one weapon type (or defense). The rest of the commander's skill points should be for health. Next, create a mage. 7 skill should be used on mage spells. Split the rest with spell points and health. Now create a doctor. The doctor should have 20 skill in alchemy and at least 2 in lock picking. At lest two of the other characters should be soldiers with 5 in defense and every weapon. The last one can be a soldier, a priest, or a muscle-bound idiot for bashing doors (20 skill in strength). Note: Your mage and doctor both need to be at least 5 intelligence, commander at least 6 intelligence, and the soldiers 2 intelligence. The muscle-bound idiot needs to be 1 intelligence.


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