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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel

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Cheat Codes

Springfield mission

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "bos.cfg" file in the "\14 degrees east\fallout tactics\core" directory. Find the "{misc.bonusMission} = {false}" line. Change "{false}" to "{true}". Start the game. The Springfield mission follows the Quincy mission.


Credit comments

Hold [Shift] during the credit sequence to hear comments from the development team. Hold [Alt] during the credit sequence to see another funny feature.


  • Find a new town/site on the map when you travel (for example, Pitch Black, Merchant, Trader, Gas Station, etc.). When you first get there, you can look around and trade. Before you leave, drop everything you are caring on the ground. Leave with nothing, then return. Every time you return the items you dropped will be there. This also works with vehicles.
  • When you have a random encounter, leave some of your items on the ground for that encounter, then leave. Return to that random encounter location, and you will find that your items are still there. Pick up all your things, leave, return, and your items will still be there. You can keep doing this until you have your fill of whatever you want. Note: This must be done just as you first enter the level. Otherwise you will not be able to return to find your items.

Editing characters

This cheat requires the character editor from After installing the editor go into the entity editor section and open this location: \14 Degrees East\FalloutTactics\core\entities\Special\prefab. Open prefab1 and edit it as desired. After you are done, save the file. Begin a new game and your created character will take the place of max the first created character that you can select.

Faster Lockpick skill increase

Use two lockpicks in each hand to increase the Lockpick skill faster.

Free reloads

In turn based combat, you can get free reloads instead of using two action points. Keep the weapon you are using in one weapon slot and keep the other slot empty. When you need to reload the weapon, drag the weapon into the other slot. It will automatically reload the weapon as though you had dropped it from your inventory, only it will not cost any action points. This will enable you to fire continuously without spending action points on a reload.

Easy Caps

  • If you have a high enough Steal skill, go up to the people in the base. Steal items and cash from their inventory. Note: Do not do this too much at one time or you will be caught and they will attempt to kill you.
  • When you start a new game, select "Create" for your character. Use one of your tags on Traps. When you start the game you will have three anti-personal mines and a generic door charge-like device. After finishing the first level, go to the military base. You can sell these for just over 1,000 Caps.
  • Go to the recruiter in a Brotherhood of Steel base, recruit team members, exit the recruit screen, take the armor off the new character(s), and give them to your squad leader. Return to the recruiter and remove the new recruit(s). You can then get different new recruits for more suits of armor. After you leave the recruiter, the recruits you removed will reset - allowing you to get their armor again. Repeat this until you have as many suits as you can carry and still walk. Go to the quartermaster and sell the armor. Repeat this until you have as much money as needed.

Saving money

You must have a Gambling skill of 100%. After a few missions, "Gamble" will be available to you in the BOS. You can purchase all of the shopkeeper items. Select the items you desire, and Click "Gamble" until you have purchased the goods. You will not have to spend money on them.


Use this trick to open doors when you do not know what might be behind them. Make sure you pick the lock or use a key on the door first if needed. Lay one person down and move him directly up to the door. Put another person in the kneeling position and move him behind the one that is laying down. Stand a person up and move him behind the person kneeling down. You now should have three people ready to fire through the doorway once you open it. Put everybody on "Aggressive" mode, your guns on burst, and use the person laying down to open the door. Anything in the immediate line of sight will be killed. This is very effective against Raider Bosses.

Free bartering

When you are going to barter with someone you can get their item for free. Note: This works best with someone with high Bartering skills. When you get a character at the bartering screen, select something of his but do not put in anything belonging to you. Click the "Barter" button repeatedly until he gives it to you. Note: Also if the object has a very high worth you'll have to click many many times)

Increase weapon skills while driving

To avoid getting a penalty to your Weapons skills and upgrading it instead while driving, set all your squad members to the prone position and make them crawl into the vehicle.

Peoria: Free Fusion Cell ammunition

In Peoria, set the game to "Easy" mode, and fight the insects in what manner you see fit. When your squad reaches the first room with laser turrets, arm them with only melee weapons (preferably monkey wrenches, diamond tipped spears, microsledges, or whatever else is available). Have half your squad surround each turret. You should definitely have Stoma in your group. Also make sure that everyone has a relatively decent melee weapon skill. It is not necessary but is helpful. If everyone surrounds the turrets correctly (in the first room with them; for the other individual turrets at the ends of halls, etc., use all squadmates), and they all attack on targeted mode, set to either CPU or sensor, you can destroy the turrets in about ten minutes with no loss of life or heavy damage. If done correctly, the turrets will explode after awhile. Each contains roughly 600 to 630 Fusion Cells. By the end of the mission, if such maneuvers are carried out, you will have several thousand Energy Cells for later missions. Note: Do not try this in the Brahmin Armor Special encounter.

Ring Pulls

When you get the random encounter "Brahmin Poker", sneak up on them with your best two men. Right Click them until you have killed them all. Then, Click on the table to find about 30,000 Ring Pulls.

PIP-boy random encounter

The location of the PIP-boy random encounter is three squares north of Bunker Beta and then seventeen or eighteen squares west.

Demo version: Unlimited Action Points

Get down to 1 Action Point in turn-based mode. Qucksave, then quickload the game. All Action Points will be restored for that character.


Extra Strength and HP

If you have any Bullhorn Traps, put one in each character's weapon slot. Each character will have a strength of 12, greater carry weight, and an enormous amount of HP. At first, your character will start to bleed and appear almost dead. However, this is because the character's original HP level is much lower than the maximum. Also, in the character screen, the character will appear to have a Buffout addiction. This does not seem to have any affect, and it disappears as soon as you remove the Bullhorn Trap.

Run while encumbered

When your character is encumbered, point him to walk to a destination and quicksave. Quickload the game and he will be running to that location.


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