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Gem combinations

Use the following combinations to get the corresponding item.

Gold dress: 3 rare gems or 1 semi-rare gem and 2 rare gems.


Run faster

When there is fruit, get oranges to run faster.
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Get on castle balcony

Go to the castle. Clock the front left lamp at the bench. Then, click on the balcony that is close to it.

Squirting water hydrant

Go to the Carnival and find the fire hydrant. Click the top left knob a few times and water will squirt out. Note: This does not work Downtown.

Valuable fruits

When there are Starz, take the ones that are worth more first.

Easy Starz

  • Create a user and a spare user. Face the spare user repeatedly to earn a lot of Starz.
  • Host a fashion show and wait until many people arrive. Start, choose a theme, then exit. When the fashion show ends you will get Starz and points.
  • Play Splash! and win to get up to 80 Starz.