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Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable

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This game is titled Pangya: Fantasy Golf in North America and Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable in Japan.


Bonus characters

Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding character.
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Arin: Complete Arin's level 1.
Azer: Complete Azer's level 1.
Brie/Cadie: Complete Arin's level 2.
Cecilia: Complete Cecilia's level 1.
Cien: Complete Cieni's level 2.
Dark Titan: Complete Kooh's level 2.
Kaz: Complete Kaz's level 1.
Kooh: Complete Kooh's level 1.
Lola: Complete Azer's level 2.
Max: Complete Max's level 1.
Minti: Complete Kaz's level 2.
Pipin: Complete Nuri's level 2.
Quma: Complete Hana's level 2.
Tiki: Complete Max's level 2.
Titanboo: Complete Cecilia's level 2.


Purchase the indicated amount of clothing to unlock the corresponding Papel.

Apron: Buy a total of 100 pieces of clothing.
Clover: Buy a total of 240 pieces of clothing.
Dutch Rabbit: Buy a total of 140 pieces of clothing.
Gray Rabbit : Buy a total of 40 pieces of clothing.
Max Man: Buy a total of 220 pieces of clothing.
Military: Buy a total of 120 pieces of clothing.
Nyanya: Buy a total of 210 pieces of clothing.
Panda : Buy a total of 80 pieces of clothing.
Pink Rabbit: Buy a total of 260 pieces of clothing.
Rivet: Buy a total of 200 pieces of clothing.
Spotted Puppy: Buy a total of 160 pieces of clothing.
Striped : Buy a total of 20 pieces of clothing.
Wine Red: Buy a total of 180 pieces of clothing.
Yellow/Dog : Buy a total of 60 pieces of clothing.

Tour mode rings

Select Pangya Tour mode then choose License mode. Complete all the indicated challenges in each course to unlock the corresponding ring.

Accuracy Ring II: Complete the Sepia Wind challenges.
Accuracy Ring III: Complete the Wind Hill challenges.
Control Ring II: Complete the West Wiz challenges.
Control Ring III: Complete the Wiz Wiz challenges.
Curve Ring: Complete the Blue Lagoon challenges.
Expert Ring: Complete the White Wiz challenges.
Power Ring II: Complete the Blue Moon challenges.
Power Ring III: Complete the Deep Inferno challenges.
Spin Ring: Complete the Pink Wind challenges.

Special trophy

Win all the tournaments.

Golden Twin Feather golf clubs

Win all the tournaments.


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