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Fieldrunners (DS)

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Custom heraldry

Successfully complete Kingdom of Carrone Campain 1 to 3 to be able to customize your heraldry color and symbol.

Crossroads Extended/Endless mode

Successfully complete Crossroads in Classic mode.
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Drylands Extended/Endless mode

Successfully complete Drylands in Classic mode.

Grasslands Extended/Endless mode

Successfully complete Grasslands in Classic mode.


Easy "Crystal Caves Gold" and "Crystalrunner" achievements

Build the maze to direct the runners down or your towers will alternate between the rail carts and ground enemies. Deal with all ground runners by the time the rail carts arrive so your Shotguns can focus on them.

Easy "Grasslands Gold" achievement

Set most of your upgraded towers on the direct path between the enemy spawn point and the exit to catch the flying enemies. Get the first Tesla Tower up by wave 20 for the helicopters. The ground enemies will only approach from one direction and can easily be kept occupied.

Easy "Guerrilla Warfare" achievement

Pause game play on any map and purchase a $5 minigun turret. Resume the game, then immediately pause again and sell the turret for $3. You will know if it did not register if the selling price will still be $5. Repeat the process twenty times to get a total loss of $40.

Easy "THIS IS SPARTA!" achievement

Your wins do not have to be in a single long streak. Your progress at overall perfect wins will be counted the course of the game.