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Fight Game: Rivals

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Know The Feeling (5 points): Win your first fight.
Faster (5 points): Unlock and buy your first Dexterity skill.
Stronger (5 points): Unlock and buy your first Strength skill.
Tougher (5 points): Unlock and buy your first Endurance skill.
Simply Skilled (10 points): Buy all skills of a single fighter.
Fighting Master (15 points): Buy all skills of every available fighter.
Fighter Fashion (5 points): Unlock first new fighter variation.
On Your Way To Glory (10 points): Win your first tournament.
Legendary (25 points): Win all tournaments with all fighters.
Déjà Vu (10 points): Log in for 10 consecutive days.
Hammerfall (15 points): Win a fight against Alistair Overeem.
Powerhouse (5 points): Defeat an opponent in the tournament in 5 rounds or less.
Dedicated Fighter (10 points): Finish a tournament from start to finish in a single session.
Over The High Tower (15 points): Win a fight against Sem Schilt.
Public Transport (10 points): Unlock Highview Metro Station.
Asian Festival (10 points): Unlock Asian Alley.
Paradise Gained (10 points): Unlock Phang Nga Beach.
King Of The Harbor (10 points): Unlock Saltstone Harbor.
The Penthouse View (10 points): Unlock Hillcrest Penthouse.
On Sacred Ground (10 points): Unlock Ruins of Angkor Wat.