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Fight Night Round 3 (PSP)

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Cheat Codes

All venues

Enter NEWVIEW as a first name in Create A Champ mode.

Ko Rey Mo and Burger King trainer

Enter YAXKUKMO as a last name in Create A Champ mode.


Bonus venues

Win a match at one of the corresponding venues in career mode to unlock it.

Madison Square Garden
The Staples Center

Fight as Ko Rey Mo

Defeat Ko Rey Mo the light heavy division in career mode.

Boxing styles

Win matches in ESPN Classic Fights mode or during career mode to unlock various new styles, at random.


Better stats

To get better stats, every time you must first sign a contract for a fight. Then, chose to train aggressive. Then choose either balance, power, or speed. Then, continue. The game will show your boxer before, and his stats either going down or up. If they go up, fine. If they start to go down, press Home to return to the PSP's main screen. Go back into the game, and do the same thing again, looking for better stats. Note: The only reason this is useful is because the game loads fast.

Easy wins

Keep throwing jabs and hooks to get their health down. Then, keep throwing signature punches to their body by pressing L and the signature punch or keep pressing Down to get his health low and knock him down.
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