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Fight Night Round 4 (Xbox 360)

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Extra offline accessories

Become the champion of two weight divisions in Legacy mode, then reach "G.O.A.T" status.
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Extra online accessories

Win the Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight Online belts.


Training games

  • It is a good idea to play the training games outside Legacy mode, preferably using a created fighter. That way you always struggle. When playing the training games outside of Legacy mode, here is the rhythm to follow. Go through heavy bag combo, heavy bag push, double end bag and maize bag, in succession; then repeat the process four more times. When you have gone through all the bags, play both sparring games three times each, that rhythm and pattern mimics a "boxing training week". What you just did counts as "one week", if you want you can keep a "training log" and spend "10 years" training (game time).
  • Playing the training games on your own after you are done with a career is always a good idea. The only real weakness fight night has is the inability to play from right to left. Although you can choose that side, the problem is you cannot train from that side. It makes it so whatever player is on the left side of the screen has the advantage.

Boxer with Kung Fu

If you are curious to see what a boxer with "Kung Fu" would look like, that is how you do it. You can get skilled enough to be able to overcome a 100 lb weight difference, the heavyweight fighter being basically maxed when it comes to taking and giving punishment. If skilled enough, size truly will not matter.

Ring experience

"Ring experience" does matter; the more you do Legacy mode, the better. If you combine a career spanning 1,000 fights, plus "500 years" playing the training games, you would get to see what a "perfect boxer" would look like.

Maximize your boxer's power

This is useful in Legacy mode.Press Circle  PlayStation3  or B  Xbox 360   just as the amateur tournament ends. This will max out the power stats.

Declining challenges without losing popularity

To decline a challenge without losing popularity, first ensure that autosave is off. Then, turn exit Legacy mode without saving. When you load your legacy again, notice that your popularity has been restored and you have not and will not be challenged again.

Easy "David and Goliath" and "King of the Rope-a-Dope" achievement or trophy

  • Set the round time to 1 minute and up to only round 1. Just punch him enough to win by decision. This may also work for the "My Style Is Impetuous" achievement or trophy. Do the same while fighting Mike Tyson, but with a created boxer.
  • Set the rounds to 2 minutes and choose someone like Foreman. Keep blocking and punching. If done correctly you should knock them down and get the achievement or trophy after the fight.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Get In The Ring (5 points): Win a Fight Now match against the CPU.
Just Like Mike (40 points): Win a Fight Now match by KO in in the first round against the CPU in a 10 round fight.
More machine than man (50 points): Win 50 Fight Now matches against the CPU.
Knock a sucker out. (10 points): Win by a knockout in Fight Now against the CPU.
Ecko Trunk Challenge (15 points): Beat CPU Miguel Cotto in Fight Now on Pro.
Man Up Manny (15 points): Beat CPU Manny Pacquiao in Fight Now on Champion.
Pull No Punches (10 points): Win a Fight Now match vs the CPU while landing at least 500 punches.
Pound For Pound (40 points): Win a fight against a CPU opponent in a higher weight class than you.
The Road Is Long (10 points): Win 10 fights in Legacy Mode.
The Champ Is Here (40 points): Win a championship belt in a single weight class.
The Latest and the Greatest (50 points): Retire as a Superstar.
From Chump to Champ (20 points): Win the Amateur Tournament in Legacy Mode.
Movin' On Up (30 points): Move up in weight class in Legacy Mode.
Undefeated (20 points): Win 5 Consecutive Legacy Mode fights.
My Style Is Impetuous (60 points): Beat CPU Mike Tyson on G.O.A.T. using a created boxer in Fight Now.
XL (50 points): Win the Middleweight Championship Belt in Online World Championship Mode.
L (25 points): Win the Lightweight Championship Belt in Online World Championship Mode.
Solid Contender (30 points): Win 5 online ranked matches.
Pain Brings Glory (5 points): Win a match in Online World Championship Mode.
Comeback Kid (10 points): Win a Online ranked match after being knocked down twice.
Walk like ten men (10 points): Win 10 Fight Now matches against the CPU.
David and Goliath (40 points): Beat CPU Mike Tyson in Fight Now on G.O.A.T.
King of The Rope-a-Dope (40 points): Beat CPU Muhammad Ali in Fight Now on G.O.A.T.
Punch Drunk (10 points): Win a Fight Now match vs the CPU while landing at least 250 jabs.
Enough To Feed a Horse (10 points): Win a Fight Now match vs the CPU while landing at least 10 haymakers.
Precision Guided Pain (50 points): Win a fight where you landed at least 70% of your punches vs CPU.
GOAT (80 points): Retire as the G.O.A.T(unlocks achievements; Retiring as a Superstar and Hall of Famer if not earned).
Big Gloves to Fill (65 points): Retire as a Hall of Famer (unlocks achievement for retiring as a superstar if not earned).
Flyswatter (60 points): Beat CPU Muhammad Ali on G.O.A.T. using a created boxer in Fight Now.
XXL (75 points): Win the Heavyweight Championship Belt in Online World Championship Mode.
A Force to Reckon With (15 points): Win 10 online ranked matches.
New Blood (5 points): Import a boxer into Legacy Mode.

Additionally there is one secret achievement.

You're In The Game! (5 points): Create a boxer using the Photo Game Face tool.


Legacy mode: Maximum stats

Start a new legacy. Win the tourney, then punch totals in the last fight. Press Circle to get +5 to Power, Stamina and Heart again. Repeat this until your stats are at maximum.


Strategy: by Stardingo747

Strategy guides from GameFAQs