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Final Fantasy 3 (PSP)

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Secret dungeon

Send seven mails to another player through Mog Net. Then send four mails using Mog Net to the NPC "The 4 Old Men", and another four mails to "King Alus". It does not matter what order this is done, as long as Alus is last. After reading the fourth one you will unlock the new dungeon. Ride on the Nautulus and go east of the floating continent. Once there you will see a shadow in the water. Go underwater here and move into the coral to enter a cave. There is no real dungeon here, but there is a difficult boss, Iron Giant.

Onion Knight job

Register someone multiple communication IDs on Mog Net. Send seven messages to another player. Send and receive four messages from Topapa. After reading the fourth one you will get a message giving your a mini-quest. Go to Uoul and talk to Topapa. Go to the cave that is to the north of the other cave. Enter, then defeat the three Bombs to get a piece of crystal. This will unlock the Onion Knight as a job.
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Walkthrough (iOS)

Walkthrough (PSP)


Easy Gil

Go to the Town Of The Ancients and talk to the child two stories up the grass hills. He is back behind the stairs. He will tell you that he will give you a prize if you ride around the continent. Leave town and go east a bit. Get a Chocobo and ride around the outside of the continent. Go back and talk to the child for your rewards. Sell them, then repeat.

Spells replaced by items

You can use certain items instead of spells if you run out of MP. For example, if your Black Mage wants to use Fire but is out of MP, go to the item screen and use the item Fire Staff. This seems to only work if your character is able to equip the item that is being used. Also, not all items work. Items that work include the Ice Staff, Fire Staff, Light Staff, and Salamd Sword.


If you are not near the end of the game and you keep finding shurikens but cannot use them, do not worry about it. You will be able to use them later when you unlock the Ninja job.

Level 8 spells

You will not be able to use level 8 spells until you level up classes of Devout (White Magic; better form of White Mage) and Magus (Black Magic, better form of Black Mage). Level 8 Black Magic is Flare, Death, and Meteor. Level 8 White Magic is Tornado, Arise, and Holy.

Legendary items

The legendary items of Eureka are mainly used by Knight, Ninja, Devout, and Magus. Knights get two legendary items, Excalibur and Ragnarok, equaling a total of 277 attack. Ninjas get the legendary dark sword Masamune. It has 132 attack by itself. White Mages can use, but Devouts use the legendary item Elder Staff. It casts Cura. Black Mages and Magus use Omnirod. It does not cast anything, but when used in melee it inflicts gradual petrification.

Free Mini spell for party

After you get dropped out of the dragon's nest, go to the area with the spring and the gnome. Talk to him and he will give you a Mini. However, you can talk to him again and get one for all of your party members.

Fast and safe job leveling

Reach at least level 20 and have decent armor. The best place to level up your job is around Ur, dealing with the weakest enemies in the game, Goblins. Have a Bard with a Dream Harp so you do not waste potions or MP. You can reach job level 99 in 98 battles by guarding against this enemy, only receiving 1 point of damage from each attack. During each battle, there is a certain number of times according to the number of actions required to level up a job. For example, a Bard requires 5 actions job level 1 to 14, and 6 actions job level 15 and up. The need to heal is unnecessary, but if desired you can use the Bard's Sing ability every ten battles to remain at maximum HP.

Easy "Jack of All Trades" achievememt

 PC  To level a job, gain Job Points (JP) during battles. Every successful action (attacking, casting a spell, guarding, using an item, etc.) a character executes during a battle will result in JP. The amount of JP granted varies between Jobs from one JobLevel to the next one. On average you can expect to gain 20 JP for each successful action in a turn when your JobLevel is between 1 and 14, and then it drops to between 8 to 20 JP once you are over JobLevel 14. In order to reach the next JobLevel you must accumulate a total of 99 JP. This amounts to over 5 actions per character at first, then up to 13 actions when over JobLevel14. The easiest way to farm JP is to enter one of the starting zones. The level of the monsters you face does not matter. They will not damage you and you can ignore healing for the most part. Once in battle, you Guard with every character between five and twelve turns in a row, then attack with one or two characters and guard with the remaining characters. Make sure to Guard before attacking so that all characters get a successful action.