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Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game and save it. You can start a new session with a cleared saved game file with your previously obtained augments and other items. Note: This can be done only a total of three times on the same cleared saved game file.

Whyt's (Poochika's) body skins

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding body skin for Whyt (Poochika).
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Dragoon: Score 9,999 points in Kain's 100 Meter Jump mini-game.
Goblin: Complete the main story two times.
Ninja: Score 9,999 points in Edge's 100 Shurikens Throw mini-game.
Paladin: Score 9,999 points in Cecil's 100 Goblins Punishment mini-game.
Summoner/Black Mage: Score 9,999 points in Rydia's 100 Math Homeworks mini-game.
White Mage: Score 9,999 points in Rosa's 100 Second Meditation mini-game.
Zeromus: Have a 100% Bestiary completion.


Walkthrough (DS)

Walkthrough (PC)


"Darkness" augment

Once you have the "Steal" augment, give it to Edge. After visiting the Land of the Eidolons and gaining Asura and Leviathan, return to the Baron Castle. Go to the underground area in the east tower and find King Baron. When you fight Odin, have Edge continuously use "Steal" until he successfully steals the augment. This augment works just like the "Darkness" command Cecil has before he becomes a paladin.

"Piercing Magic" augment

Go to the Feymarch and speak to the Eidolon to start a side quest where you must find his wandering companions went back to him. This side quest can be completed at any time before the end of the game. The clues that Eidolon's gives correspond to the following locations.

"The oasis": Kaipo Lake.
"To observe a view": The Mt. Ordeals summit.
"To fly to the sky": Black Chocobo Forest near Troia.
"Getting drunk": Lali-Ho Pub in Dwarf Castle.
"Making a friends with an Eidolon": Sylvan Hut, Sylph Cave, where you find Yang, on the second floor.
"Wants to become brave": The well in Koppol Forge.
"Has musical taste": Hummingway Cave, Moon, at the northwest area.
"Went on a lunar excursion": Near Bahamut's Throne, Lair of the Father, Moon.

After all eight Eidolons are sent home, talk to the Eidolon near the entry point of the cave to travel back to the Feymarch. Talk to the Eidolon that started the quest to receive the "Piercing Magic" augment. It will allow spells to bypass barriers, including Reflect.

Refill MP on the moon

When on the moon (whether you are with Fusoya or after he leaves your party), you get the Bless augment. Equip it. When you encounter a Moon Maiden or Dark Sage, cast Toad on them with Rydia and kill the rest of the enemies if needed, then cast Bless on your party. You can fully cure your party then regain your party's MP with Bless; just use Defend on all of your party members. The Toad does 1 damage to your party member. You can just keep using Defend until you are all fully cured and when your MP is full, kill the Toad.

Characters that do not require full experience

Do not grind any amount of experience for the following characters, until a certain point in the story is reached. The character's experience points will reset or adjust to a certain point, making any work you did (other than for gil) pointless.

Cecil: Do not grind experience levels until after he becomes a Paladin.
Kain: Do not grind experience levels until after the Giant of Babil.
Rydia: Do not grind experience levels until she returns after the fight against Golbez.
Rosa: Do not grind experience levels until after she is rescued.

Do not grind for any other characters that are not mentioned above, as their levels will match your highest character's level after the Giant of Babil.

Defeating Rubicante

The Elemental Archfiend of Fire, Rubicante, has an attack named xInferno which damages your party while healing him. He only uses that attack when his cloak is open. While his cloak is open, Have Edge use Steal. This will force Rubicante to close his cloak and prevent him from using that attack.

View credits

Enter the developer's room in the Dwarves Castle. Look at the shelf behind the doll in the first room to view the game's credits.

Easy "Defeated Proto-Babil" achievement

 PC  During a second playthrough, steal Dark Matter from Zeromus before using the crystal. Once at the end of the game, interact with the "stone face" (Screenshot) on the northern part of the moon's surface then use Dark Matter.

Easy "Developers' Pal" achievement

 PC  Reach the dwarven castle in the underground world. Enter the inn found between the armor and weapons shop. Find the hidden opening to your right to enter the developer's office. Talk to everyone in every room.

Easy "The Onion Swordsman" achievement

 PC  To get the Onion equipment, collect very rare tails from certain enemies. There are a total of five pieces. All tails have a 0.4% chance of dropping. The Treasure Hunter augment obtained from fully exploring every map will double this chance to 0.8%. Even if the Treasure Hunter is equipped on a dead character, it will still double the chance. Patience will be required due to the low drop rate, even with the augment. All of the enemies can be always found in specific rooms by using a Siren, which is an item that automatically starts the rarest random encounter in an area. Sirens can be dropped or stolen from certain enemies, but can be also be purchased at the Hummingway Home on the moon for 3,000 gold each. Use a Siren at the indicated locations and farm kills until the listed tail is obtained. Then, take the hovercraft to the city of Mythril on the eastern side of the map, south of Fabul and north of Mount Ordeals. Ride the hovercraft on the shoals to the cave, enter, and climb up the stairs. Talk to the man on the center of the dais. Give him the tail to receive the corresponding Onion item.

Onion Sword (Red Tail): Kill the red dragon at Lunar Subterrane B8.
Onion Shield (Blue Tail): Kill the thunder dragon in B2-3 of the Passage of the Eidolons.
Onion Helm (Green Tail): Kill the green dragon outside of the sealed cave.
Onion Armor (Black Tail): Kill the armored fiend in B2-3 in the Lair of the Father.
Onion Gloves (Yellow Tail): Kill the yellow dragon outside the Sylph cavern.

Easy "Master Summoner" achievement

 PC  The Summons are acquired as indicated. The hidden Summons are not required.

  • Asura: Defeat Asura at the bottom of the library in the Feymarch.
  • Bahamut: After defeating Asura and Leviathan, go to the moon and explore the Lair of the Father. Bahamut will appear at the end. Defeat him to receive his Summon.
  • Chocobo: Available at start.
  • Dragon: Available at start.
  • Ifrit: Available at start.
  • Leviathan: Defeat Asura. You can then fight Leviathan in the same room as Asura.
  • Odin: After the sealed cave has been completed, go to the basement of the east tower of Baron Castle and defeat Odin.
  • Ramuh: Available at start.
  • Shiva: Available at start.
  • Sylph: Talk to Yang in the Sylph cave after completing the sealed cave, but before traveling to the moon. Speak to Yang's Wife in Fabul to get the frying pan. Use the frying pan on Yang and he will wake up. You will receive Sylph. You do not need to do this after defeating the Giant of Babil; instead just talk to the Sylphs to receive the Summon.
  • Titan: Available at start.


Whyt drawing

Whenever you have two saved game files, the summon Whyt's appearance will be the same. Furthermore, whenever you battle using Wi-Fi your stats will combine. For example, if your Intelligence is 30 and you battle using Wi-Fi, your opponent will also have 30 Intelligence unless your opponent has a greater Intelligence, in which case you would take on his Intelligence stat.


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