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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

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This game is titled Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions in North America, Europe, and Australia and Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Sound test

Start a new game and enter PolkaPolka as case-sensitive name.



Have Mustadio in Chapter 4. After Bervenia, go to the mining town of Gollund. At the tavern, read the "Rash of Thefts" rumor. Go to the merchant city of Dorter. At the tavern, read the "A Call for Guards" rumor. When you leave the city a battle will start. Win the battle with Balthier's help and he will join you.


Have Mustadio in Chapter 4. Go to Goug. Read the rumor at Gollund. Go to Lesalia. Invite Beowulf to Gollund. He will join your group after a series of battles.

The Byblos

Have Mustadio in Chapter 4. Complete all ten levels of Midlight's Deep.


Have Mustadio in Chapter 4. Go to Goug After Zeltennia. Return Reis to human form, then go back to Goug. Go to Sal Ghidos and win the battle.

Construct 8

Have Mustadio in Chapter 4. After rescuing Reis from Gollund, return to Goug. Construct 8 will join your party after an intermission sequence.

Dragon Reis

Have Mustadio in Chapter 4. Accompany Beowulf through Gollund. Reis will be rescued during the final battle in the series.

Human Reis

Have Mustadio in Chapter 4. Read the rumors at Zeltennia, buy a flower in Sal Ghidos, then go to Goug. Go to Nelveska Temple and win the battle. Reis will turn into human form afterwards.


During Chapter 3, go to the Zekalus Desert after the Orbonne Monastary battles. After the intermission sequence, win the battle.
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Keep Lavian and Alicia (Agrias' guards from Chapter 1) in your party in Chapter 4. Land on a City on Cancer I and have at least 500,000 gil. After the intermission sequence featuring Mustadio giving a birthday gift to Agrias, you will have the Lip-Rouge, which boosts the stats of female characters.

Rare items

Poach the indicated monster to have a chance of obtaining the corresponding rare item.

Cachusha: Pig
Cherche: Behemoth King
Dragon's Whisker: Red Dragon
Elixir: Red Chocobo
Holy Mace: Sekhret
Omnilex: Great Malboro
Zwill Straightblade: Vampire Cat

Character jobs

Reach the indicated job level to unlock the next job in that class.

Archer: Reach level 2 Squire.
Arithmetician: Reach level 5 White Mage, level 5 Black Mage, level 4 Mystic and level 4 Time Mage..
Bard: Reach level 5 Summoner and level 5 Orator; only as a male character.
Black Mage: Reach level 2 Chemist.
Dancer: Reach level 5 Dragoon and level 5 Geomancer; only as a female character.
Dark Knight: Completely Master Knight and Black Mage, crystallize 20 units, and reach level 8 with Dragoon, Ninja, Goemancer and Samurai.
Dragoon: Reach level 4 Thief.
Geomancer: Reach level 4 Monk.
Knight: Reach level 2 Squire.
Monk: Reach level 3 Knight.
Mystic: Reach level 3 White Mage.
Ninja: Reach level 5 Thief, level 4 Archer, and level 2 Geomancer.
Onion Knight: Reach level 6 Squire and level 6 Chemist.
Orator: Reach level 3 Mystic.
Samurai: Reach level 5 Monk, level 4 Knight, and level 2 Dragoon.
Summoner: Reach level 3 Time Mage.
Thief: Reach level 3 Archer.
Time Mage: Reach level 3 Black Mage.
White Mage: Reach level 2 Chemist.


Raising a person's bravery

If you use Ramza's Steel ability on someone in battle, it raises their bravery by 5 points. After the battle, notice that the person's bravery permanently stays increased by one with each fight you use it on them.

Preview Monster before its birth

Put an egg on the bottom row of the editing screen. Place the pointer on top and press Right or Left repeatedly to see a brief a glimpse of the face of the monster in the egg.


Wiegraf's skills

This trick requires you to have a Thief/Knight before you fight Wiegraf. If you look at his job class it reads "White Knight" when you fight him at any time (before he becomes a Lucavi). Break or Steal his sword in any of those one time, then let him go. He will still somehow use his skills on you, like Crush Punch or Northswaine's Strike.


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