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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire Of The Rift

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This game is titled Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire Of The Rift in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire in Japan.


Prequel bonus

Insert the Gameboy Advance game Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to unlock the Libra clan ability.
rti, vevf ifiair


Complete the indicated quest and perform the indicated task to unlock the corresponding job.

Arcanist: The Nu Mou Nobles
Assassin class: Veis Assassin
Beastmaster: Knowing The Beast
Cannoneer: The Bangaa Brotherhood
Chocobo Knight: Popocho's Chocobos
Dragoon: Kyrra, Dragoon
Fighter: Complete To Be A Fighter
Flintlock: Kupos And Cannons
Fusiler: Goug Consortium
Geomancer: Geomancer's Way - Sun, Geomancer's Way - Rain, Geomancer's Way - Snow, and Geomancer's Way - Mist
Green Mage: Green Dominion
Heritor: Talk to Lezaford and go to Zeldei Woods before fighting Illua the Third.
Lanista: A Lanista's Pride
Master Monk: Banbanga!
Parivir: Eastwatch
Raptor: Instrument Of Inspiration
Ravager: Ravager
Red Mage: Red King of Cinquleur
Scholar: Treasured Tomes
Seer: Cat's Meow
Spellblade: To Be A Spellblade
Trickster: Sleight Of Hand
Viking: Lord Grayrl

Final Fantasy 12 Espers

Complete the indicated quest to unlock an item that allows you to summon the listed Esper when you have a full Smash Gauge.

Adrammelech: The Moorabella Cup
Belias: The Camoa Cup
Hashmal: The Fluorgis Cup
Mateus: The Graszton Cup
Shemhazai: Of A Feather
Ultima: Hunted
Zalera: The Last Step
Zeromus: The Five Kings

Clan abilities

Give one of the following set of three answers during the Luso's summer journal prologue to unlock the corresponding clan ability.

AP Up 1: Answer B, C, and C.
Clan Up 1: Answer B, B, and C.
Evade Up 1: Answer B, A, and A.
EXP Up 1: Answer B, C, and B.
Gil Up 1: Answer B, A, and C.
Lucky 1: Answer B, A, and B.
Power Up 1: Answer B, B, and B.
Smash Up 1: Answer B, B, and A.
Speed Up 1: Answer B, C, and A.


Defeating the final Boss

There are three parts to the final Boss: the hand-like thing, the wisp that likes to bounce around, and the core. You cannot damage the core until you take out the wisp. First, make sure that the characters you put on your team will follow the law at any cost (for example, "No Reaction Commands"). Two characters should have perfected the Dual Swords passive ability from the Ninja class, which allows you to attack twice with the basic attack. Have one Cannoneer with the ability "Ether Shell", which can restore the MP of any character that needs it. To keep up the health of the team, have a White Mage that has all three forms of Cure (Cure, Cura, and Curaga), Esuna, Raise, and ReRaise. Use the Cannoneer to restore the White Mage's MP from the start. Another character that will make claiming victory easy is a Ranger (which is a Seeq class) with at least two abilities, Mirror Items and Camouflage. The final character can be anything of your choice (for example, a Fusilier so you can attack from a distance). Before you start the battle, make sure you have a good stock of X-Potions and Hi-Potions. Another useful item is the Remedy. Have the characters with the dual swords follow the wisp and strike it. On the Cannoneer's first turn, have it restore the White Mage's MP. Have the Ranger move over to the hand-like thing and use Camouflage until it reaches it. The White Mage should be put somewhere where it can heal anyone who needs it. The final character should go somewhere depending on what it can do. If the character can attack from a distance, like a Fusilier or a Sniper, send them to the center so they can attack the wisp wherever it goes. If they can only attack from close up, have them follow the Ranger to the hand. The Ranger should use Mirror Items and use the Mirror X-Potion to attack the hand. Keep doing this until its HP goes to 0. After getting rid of the hand, it will be easier to move around. The wisp and the core have high-damaging attacks and can cause several status conditions, which is why you need the White Mage. After attacking the wisp several times, it will move to one of the two other locations. Have your characters follow it and damage it as much as possible. The battle is much easier when you get rid of the hand-like thing, because the wisp likes to hide behind it. Remember that the core can use its turn to heal the wisp, however this is sometimes a good thing because the core cannot hurt you while doing that. After killing the wisp, which should be done after finishing off the hand and using the Ranger's Mirror Items technique to use Mirror X-Potions on it, the core will transform into its attacking form. Send all your characters towards the core. The core has several attacks, but the most damaging will hit all of your characters. Having your White Mage cast ReRaise before this to make sure that your characters will be automatically be revived after being killed by these deadly attacks. The only characters to attack the core are those with dual blades and the Ranger. Keep dealing heavy damage while protecting your characters with the White Mage to bring your victory.

When you fight the final Boss, it has the hand which is now called the pod, the core and the wisp. Usually you would have to take down the wisp and the pod first in order to even damage the core. However if you have an Ultima attack and immediately at the start use something to replenish MP. Then, go directly up to the core. You can do the original damage of what the Ultima attack would have done.

Clan member screening

You need to have a "Clan Wanted" bubble appear over an area for this trick. The first way to do this is by saving on the same area before you walk onto the circle with the "Clan Wanted" space. This will allow you to load the game if the clan member does not have the desired Job or Name. The member's race will always stay the same if you save while on the same area as the new clan member. The second way is to save on the area before the area with the new clan member. After you have saved, move to the area with the new clan member and walk onto the circle with the "Clan Wanted" bubble. This will allow you to see the new member's Race, Job, and Name. If the member is not the desired Race, just load the game and move back to that area then walk back to the bubble. This should make the clan member a new Race. If it does not, try again. This will allow you to build your clan as desired, having all your favorite Races, Jobs, and Names for each of your members.

Getting a Chocobo

To get a yellow Chocobo for the Chocobo Knight job, go to Targ Wood around the end of Greenfire and a monster will appear. Fight it and one of the enemies will be a yellow Chocobo. It is easier to kill all of the monsters and leave the Chocobo for last. Make sure to bring your Chocobo Knight to the fight. Bring the Chocobo to Critical HP then have your Chocobo Knight walk over to it and a "Mount" option will appear. Use it and your Chocobo Knight will mount it and you will then have the powers of the Chocobo. You can do this for any color Chocobo.

Easier battles as Hunter

When the Law says "No Ranged Weapons" Hunters can still use Sidewinder at any range. For some reason it does not break the law. This will make many battles against monsters much easier.

Bonga Bugle: Goldsun

Use a Knockback ability on the Head Editor. Move Luso to where he was standing. The treasure detector will reveal the "Special Bonga Treasure".


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