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Flight Control HD (PlayStation3)

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Walkthrough (iOS)


Easy "Nice Shades" achievement or trophy

You do not have to open all umbrellas at the same time. They just all have to be open eventually. Allow the planes move over big groups and helicopters over smaller groups.

Easy "Snowball" achievement or trophy

Allow the helicopters to circle in front of the helipad and land the other planes. If you have five helicopters near the helipads, land them and allow the planes circle somewhere until all of them land.

Easy "Veteran" achievement or trophy

To do get quick game completions, get to the "Game Over screen quickly by crashing two planes. Then, repeat the process. Consider doing this on level 2 due to the frequency of aircraft. Note: You must exit the game from the main menu for your progress to increment. Quitting during game play will not count.
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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Safety Card (Bronze): Read the game tutorial.
First Flights (Bronze): Land an aircraft on each airfield.
Jet Power (Bronze): Land 10 jets in a game.
Centurion (Bronze): Reach 100 'Total Aircraft Landed'.
Helicopter Love (Bronze): Land 3 helipoters in a row.
Rush Hour (Bronze): Land 5 aircraft within 10 seconds.
Holding Pattern (Bronze): Keep the same aircraft in the sky for 3 minutes.
Restrainer (Silver): Land no aircraft for 3 minutes.
Perfect Timing (Silver): Land 3 aircraft at the same time.
Crowded Sky (Silver): Reach 20 'Most Aircraft on Screen'.
Veteran (Silver): Play 200 games in total.
Wings (Gold): Land 200 aircraft in a game.