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Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Missing Kelp Seeds (PC)

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Created by cubex55.



The following mistakes in the game's continuity can be seen.

  • Freddi trades her purple shell with Hermit for his glowing one. While Hermit still has his glowing shell, there is some light shining on the rocks. However this light remains when Freddi trades the purple shell for the glowing one.
  • The size of many objects change throughout the game. When Freddi collects the purple shell in the cave, it is smaller than she. However when she gives it to Hermit, it is much bigger than she is. This also occurs when Freddi gets the glowing shell. If she has to use it in the cave and she does, it is smaller than she is. When Freddi is outside the shrimp net, the oysters inside are bigger than she is. When she gets in, the oysters are much smaller.

Factual errors

The following factual errors can be seen.
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  • The kelp grows instantly when Freddi drops it. Normally kelp takes a long time to grow.
  • The Squid Father is not a "squid" father at all. He lacks two tentacles. A squid has ten tentacles, but the Squid Father only has eight. The only exception would be two tentacles hidden on the Squid Father's back, which is highly unlikely.



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