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Full House Poker (Windows Phone 7)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Big Dog (10 points): Win a tournament.
Bucket List #12,471 (10 points): Complete a tournament game of Full House Poker.
Cardrack (10 points): Win two consecutive hands in the showdown.
Ding! Double Digits! (10 points): Level up to 10.
Ding! Grats! (5 points): Level up to 2.
Ding! Top Dog! (20 points): Level up to 50.
Gone Fishing (10 points): Win a showdown with a hand you made on the river.
Headshot (10 points): Bust another player in a tournament.
Hero Call (10 points): Call, raise, or go all in on a bet of half the pot or greater and then win the showdown.
I Hate ATM Fees (5 points): Play 50 hands in a row without taking a cash advance.
Mile High Club (5 points): Won a hand with suited King-Queen hole cards.
Pay the Mortgage (10 points): Take a pot equal to twice the starting chips or greater.
Player of the Century (10 points): Play 100 hands.
Pull the Trigger (10 points): Bet or raise on every street in a hand and then win the showdown.
Rollin' (10 points): Earn a bankroll of at least 500,000 chips.
Sandbagger (10 points): Do not bet or raise for at least one entire street in a hand and then win the showdown.
Stylish Host (5 points): Start a game with customized table and card styles.
The Final Table (20 points): Win the Pro Tournament.
Took Down a Pro (10 points): Win a Pro Takedown.
You're Not the Boss of Me (10 points): Beat Larry, Lily, or Daisy in a Pro Takedown.