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Full House Poker (Xbox 360)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Bucket List #12,472 (5 points): Completed a ranked multiplayer game of Full House Poker.
Pull the Trigger (10 points): Bet on every street in a hand and then won the showdown.
Big Dog (10 points): Won a tournament.
Ding! Top Dog! (20 points): Leveled up to 50.
Hollywooding (5 points): Honed your acting skills by performing 10 aggressive or timid plays.
I See the Future (5 points): Used every possible pre-action at least once.
Ding! Double Digits! (10 points): Leveled up to 10.
I Hate ATM Fees (20 points): Played 50 hands in a row without taking a cash advance.
Rollin' (10 points): Earned a bankroll of at least 500,000 chips.
Gone Fishing (10 points): Won a showdown with a hand you made on the river.
Headshot (10 points): Busted another player in a ranked multiplayer game.
You're Not the Boss of Me (10 points): Beat Larry, Lily, or Daisy in a Pro Takedown.
Stylish Host (5 points): Hosted a multiplayer game with customized table, chair, and card styles.
Trickster (5 points): Performed a chip trick at the table or while a menu screen is displayed.
Ding! Grats! (5 points): Leveled up to 2.
Took Down a Pro (10 points): Won a Pro Takedown.
Extra Tricky (10 points): Performed 3 different chip tricks in the same hand.
The Final Table (20 points): Won the All-Pro Tournament.
It's Like the Wave (10 points): All 10 players at a single table performed a chip trick during the same hand.
Cardrack (10 points): Won two consecutive showdowns.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Bulldog helmet: Reach level 50.
Hoodie: Reach level 2.

Texas Heat, Spring 2011 Season

Texas Heat, Summer 2011 Season

Texas Heat, Summer 2012 Season

Texas Heat, Fall 2012 Season

Texas Heat, Winter 2012 Season

Texas Heat, Spring 2013 Season


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