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Fusion: Genesis

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Trader (10 points): Join the Consortium faction.
Smuggler (10 points): Join the Sunshadow Syndicate.
Protector (10 points): Join the Praetoriate Fleet.
Warrior (10 points): Join the Dominion of Allied Planets.
Zealot (10 points): Join the Revenant Order.
Tycoon (10 points): Complete all the Consortium story missions.
Crimelord (10 points): Complete all the Sunshadow Syndicate story missions.
Lawmaster (10 points): Complete all the Praetoriate Fleet story missions.
Warlord (10 points): Complete all the Dominion of Allied Planets story missions.
Chosen (10 points): Complete all the Revenant Order story missions.
Skilled (10 points): Earn all skills for a faction.
Warmonger (10 points): Complete a Warzone mission.
Defender (10 points): Complete a Dark Legion Invasion mission.
Savior (10 points): Complete the Ark special mission.
Collector (10 points): Acquire a new sentient AI.
Omniscient (10 points): Level a sentient to maximum level.
Upstart (10 points): Reach pilot level 25.
Veteran (10 points): Reach pilot level 50.
Hero (10 points): Reach pilot level 75.
Legend (10 points): Reach pilot level 100.


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