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G-Force (PlayStation3)

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Secret Agent mode

Successfully complete the game.


Walkthrough (PC)


Get more items out of trash cans and chests

After hitting a trash can or chest to get items out of it, if the lid closes you may hit the same trashcan or chest repeatedly until the lid remains completely open. Each time you hit the same trashcan, more items will appear for you to collect, such as ammo, health, etc.

Finding items

Get all the items from every trashcan, chest, or box you find, especially the SaberSense Chips. The more SaberSense Chips you have, the more you can build them up to buy health, ammo, weapons, and upgrades from the Kiosks. Also, collecting ammo is helpful. Mooch can be useful; let him scour the areas for SaberSense Chips.

Saving ammunition

Always use the Electro Whip as much as possible on enemies. Save your weapons for enemies that are at further distances. Some flying enemies are difficult to hit with the electro whip. You can hit flying enemies with the electro whip if you are skilled in using it. If you must use weapons, use them sparingly.

Easy wins

  • Do not hide from enemies. Instead, use the electro whip on them. You can also do this with your weapons, but be lenient and try your best to conserve as much ammo as possible.
  • Use the Nanohacker when in tight situations. When you use the Nanohacker on an enemy, it will start to attack other enemies. They will retaliate, creating a temporary diversion that you can use to plan out your attack.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Big Spender (Bronze): Spent more than 10000 SaberSense chips at kiosks.
Tooled-Up Agent (Bronze): Purchased all new weapons and weapon upgrades (excluding ammo capacity).
Combat Trainee (Bronze): 100 enemies defeated.
Combat Expert (Bronze): 500 enemies defeated.
Plasma Gun Expert (Bronze): Defeated 100 enemies with Plasma Gun.
Cluster Rifle Expert (Bronze): Defeated 100 enemies with Cluster Rifle.
Flame Thrower Expert (Bronze): Defeated 100 enemies with Flame Thrower.
Freeze Gun Expert (Bronze): Defeated 100 enemies frozen by the Freeze Gun.
Shot Bolter Expert (Bronze): Defeated 100 enemies with Shot Bolter.
Incendiary Charge Grenadier (Bronze): Defeated 50 enemies with Incendiary Charges.
RDV Pulse Cannon Expert (Bronze): Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Pulse Cannon.
RDV Homing Missile Expert (Bronze): Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Homing Missiles.
NanoHack Expert (Bronze): Defeated 50 enemies using NanoHacked enemies.
Silver Data Disk Discoverer (Silver): Collected 50% (25) of all Silver Data Disks in the game.
Wealthy Agent (Silver): Accumulate more than 5000 SaberSense chips.
Master Agent (Silver): Fully upgraded character with all possible weapons and upgrades.
Combat Veteran (Silver): 1000 enemies defeated.
Sharp Shooter (Silver): Achieved an average hit rate of at least 80% with projectile weapons.
Marching Agent (Silver): Walk more than 20km with Darwin.
G-Force Wings (Silver): Fly more than 2km with Mooch.
Intelligence Expert (Silver): Scan 100 items in the game.
G-Force Trainee (Silver): Completed game on Easy difficulty setting.
G-Force Recruit (Silver): Completed game on Normal difficulty setting.
G-Force Agent (Silver): Completed game on Challenging difficulty setting.
Distinguished Service Medal (Gold): Completed game twice.
G-Force Rapid Response Agent (Gold): Completed game in under 8 hours (on any difficulty setting).
Silver Data Disk Expert (Gold): Collected 100% (50) of all Silver Data Disks in the game.
100% Complete! (Platinum): You have unlocked every other trophy.

Additionally there are sixteen secret trophies.

Mission Accomplished: "Snowball Unleashed" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Countdown" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Saberling Offices" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Central Computer" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "RDV Retreat" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Distribution Center" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Assembly Lines" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Chip Manufacture" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Reactor" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "RDV Escape" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "FBI Infiltration" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Locate the Real Saber" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Rescue Saber" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Clusterstorm" (Bronze): Progression.
Mission Accomplished: "Satellite Menace" (Bronze): Progression.
G-Force Special Agent (Silver): Completed game on Special Agent difficulty setting.


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