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Game Of Thrones (Xbox 360)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Clever dog (30 points): Gain all the skills linked to the dog with Mors.
Master of light and flame (30 points): Gain all the skills linked to R'hllor's fire with Alester.
Master-at-arms (25 points): Learn all skills within a character's stance tree.
Warlord (30 points): Reach the maximum level.
Great teamwork (30 points): Finish the game without a single ally (except Mors and Alester) being KO'd.
Merciless (20 points): Mete out 5 deathblows.
True warrior (20 points): Kill 400 enemies.
Man's best friend (20 points): Kill 10 enemies with Mors' dog in skinchanger mode.
Golden touch (30 points): Acquire 1 golden dragon.
R'hllor sees all (30 points): Find 10 secrets with the vision of R'hllor.
Fetch! (30 points): Use Mors' dog's sense of smell to find 5 secret objects.
Thorough (40 points): Complete all the secondary objectives of the story.

Additionally there are thirty eight secret achievements.

Devout follower (30 points): Find all the statues of the Seven.
Pimp (30 points): Convince Bethany to return to Chataya's brothel with Alester.
Collector (30 points): Seize the three objects of value from the Collector with Alester.
Endless watch (30 points): Send 10 recruits to the Wall with Mors.
The Greatest (30 points): Emerge triumphant in the final arena combat.
The true face of the Spider (10 points): Lose the final battle.
My darkest hour (10 points): Chapter 15: execute the judgement passed down on the Westfords.
Lesser of two evils (15 points): Chapter 14: come to the aid of the Reapers.
Quiet as a shadow (35 points): Chapter 13: reach Jeyne's room without ever being seen.
Unrivaled strategist (35 points): Chapter 12: take back Riverspring with a total victory.
Swift and deadly (35 points): Chapter 11: bring an end to the trial by combat in under 2 minutes.
'Tis but a scratch ! (20 points): Chapter 9: suffer all the physical abuse during the torture sequence.
The butcher comes to dinner (35 points): Chapter 9: kill 6 of Lord Harlton's soldiers during the fight at dinner.
Desecration (15 points): Chapter 8: find the key in Alester's father's tomb.
Am I not merciful? (15 points): Chapter 8: save Orys from the City Watch.
Once more unto the breach (35 points): Chapter 7: attack the camp without killing the sentries at the start.
Bloodhound (25 points): Chapter 7: find all the corrupt brothers of the Night's Watch.
End of the line (20 points): Chapter 6: don't lose pursuit of the bastard.
Man of the people (15 points): Chapter 2: protect the people with Alester.
Know your place (15 points): Chapter 2: protect the nobility with Alester.
Disciplinarian (10 points): Chapter 1: confront the four recruits during the training session with Mors.
Sworn brother (10 points): Finish Mors' Story.
Red priest of R'hllor (10 points): Finish Alester's story.
The night is dark... (10 points): Finish chapter 15.
Valar morghulis (10 points): Finish chapter 14.
Growing strong (10 points): Finish chapter 13.
As high as honor (10 points): Finish chapter 12.
Come try me (10 points): Finish chapter 11.
Fire and blood (10 points): Finish chapter 10.
Unbowed, unbent, unbroken (10 points): Finish chapter 9.
Family, duty, honor (10 points): Finish chapter 8.
Here we stand (10 points): Finish chapter 7.
Dead men sing no songs (10 points): Finish chapter 6.
Proud to be faithful (10 points): Finish chapter 5.
Hear me roar (10 points): Finish chapter 4.
Dark wings, dark words (10 points): Finish chapter 3.
Family is hope... (10 points): Finish chapter 2.
Winter is coming (10 points): Finish chapter 1.