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Gas Guzzlers Extreme

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Steam achievements

Complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievements and statistics in the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the "Gas Guzzlers Extreme" game hub. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Battle Lord: In singleplayer win battle race by killing everyone before race ends on impossible difficulty.
Blink blink: Pick up 2 large money on-track packages in single racing event.
Body smash!: Kill the opponent by crashing into them in any game mode.
Bodyguard: Win 1 team tournament event.
Brand new: Complete a single race in any racing game mode without being damaged.
Breakfast is served: Run over 1 animal in any game mode.
Brutal power: Win 10 multiplayer events in any game modes.
Bullet magnet: Die 6+ times in the single or multiplayer game.
Bulletproof: Win multiplayer deathmatch game with 3+ opponents without being killed.
Butcher: Smash 10 opponents in any game event.
Chicken drums: Run over 20 animals in any game mode.
Chicken owner: Complete first tournamet in singleplayer with best kill score.
Clay pigeon shooting: Kill opponent with a shotgun.
Close, but no cigar!: Win in any racing game mode with less than one second advantage over the player behind you.
Come get some: Kill 10 opponents with a minigun.
Damn I'm programmer: Create your own server for multiplayer.
Dare Devil: In any multiplayer racing event finish first lap on the first place and keep leading postions till the end of the event.
Dead Couple: In any multiplayer race kill 2 opponents and finish first.
Delivery boy: Complete second tournament in singleplayer mode.
Don't Chicken out!: Run over 50 animals in any game mode.
Driving instructor: Finish one race in the singleplayer or mulitplayer mode.
Duke of hazzard: Win 30 multiplayer events in any game modes..
Eat my dust: Win five races in a row in any game mode.
Elite club: Rank in top 25 players in any of leaderboards available.
Feed me MORE!: Qualify for any cup in singleplayer on impossible difficulty by playing only battle and knockout races.
Feel no pain: Finish any race without picking up health pack.
Fire works: Kill opponent with any type of rocket launcher.
Flawless victory!: Win all events in multiplayer tournament.
Fresh meat: Get first kill in deathmatch mode either in singleplayer or multiplayer.
Froggy: Lose or win 4 positions in 2 seconds.
Gas Guzzlers Champion: Complete all acheivements.
Gofer: Win 1 team game mode event.
Gotta use them all!: During one multiplayer deathmatch event use at least once 5 different weapons available on the level.
Grim reaper: Kill 200 opponents in total.
Hacker: Start last lap on last postion in any multiplayer racing event against 4+ players and win the race.
Hands of Doom: Kill opponent in any game mode by smashing into him with your wrecked car.
Happy customer: Kill the same opponent 6+ times in any game mode.
Hard core: Complete all singleplayer cups on impossible difficulty.
Hen house star: Complete first tournament in singleplayer mode.
Hypochondriac: Pick up heal pack when you have 99% of health points.
I am da BEST!: Complete all game tournaments in singleplayer mode.
I cant die!: In multiplayer and singleplayer battle race you need to have less than 5% of your health points and then restore yourself to maximum health (100%).
I see dead people: Kill 25 opponents in total.
I want you!: In multiplayer last man standing game mode kill 3+ opponents and win the event.
I'm on fire!: Win twenty races in a row in any game mode.
It's a power: Qualify for any cup in the singleplayer mode on impossible difficulty by playing only power races.
It's bigger than it looks!: Comlete second tournament with best kill score.
Its mine!: Kill the opponent with a land mine in any game mode.
Just another way to dieā€¦: Kill your opponents at least once with a land mine, any gun and by smash hit in any game mode.
K.O. Master: In singleplayer mode complete knockout race event in maximum 3 laps on impossible difficulty.
King of the hill: In multiplayer win last man standing game mode against 3+ players.
Life is too hard...: Make a suicide in any game mode.
Like a Boss: In singleplayer or multiplayer win battle race without firing a single shot.
Looking for a parking spot: Cruise for 2 minute without getting killed in a multiplayer game with 4+ players in Public garage.
Loser: Die 3 times in multiplayer battle race.
Manic miner: In any multiplayer event make 3+ hits with land mines.
Master blaster: Kill ten opponents with any type of grenades.
Me, myself and I: Create your profile.
Mushroom Mayhem: Kill 10 opponents with any type of rocket launcher.
My favourite toy: Win a multiplayer deathmatch event by using only one type of weapon.
My guns better than yours: Complete third tournament in singleplayer with best kill score.
Natural born killer: Kill 100 opponents in total.
Noob: In any multiplayer racing event finish first lap in last position and keep last place till end of the race.
Pacifist: In singleplayer game mode paint your car in white color and complete any cup without firing single shot on impossible difficulty.
Party fever: Win your first multiplayer event.
Pimp daddy: Customize all cars for games in multiplayer mode.
Poultrygeist: Run over 100 animals in any game mode.
Puke masta: Use smoke to blind 5+ more opponents with smoke release in any multiplayer event.
Race Fury: In singleplayer game mode win classic race with more than 15 seconds advantage over the opponents on impossible difficulty.
Rest in Peace: Die in any game mode.
Roadkill: Get smash killed five times during one multiplayer tournament.
Science shock: Kill opponent with a railgun.
Science therapy: Kill 10 opponents with a railgun.
Seriously?!: Make a kill in the classic or power race mode. (Video)
Shotgun wedding: Kill 10 opponents with a shotgun.
Slayer: Win deathmatch game in singleplayer.
So close but you died!: Win the race in any racing game mode by killing the top-ranked opponent in last lap.
So close but you missed!: Finish race first with less than 10% of health in any game mode.
Spray'n'pray: Kill opponent with a minigun.
Strike!: Kill three opponents in one race in any game mode.
Surprise package: Kill opponent with any type of grenades.
Take a break: In multiplayer last man standing game mode die first.
Thats unfair :'(: Finish last in multiplayer event in any game mode.
The Godfather: Win 30 team tournament events.
Time is on my side: In any multiplayer racing events win with 20+ seconds advantage over your opponents.
Too fast for you: Win ten races in a row in any game mode.
Too much smoke: Use smoke to blind 10+ more opponents with smoke release in any multiplayer event.
Undertaker: Kill 50 opponents in total.
Untouchable: Kill 5 opponents without dying in the singleplayer or multiplayer deathmatch mode.
Wise Guy: Win 10 team tournament events.




Easy "Seriously?!" achievement

Create a server with the following settings:

Laps count: 99
Max number of bots: 1
Bots difficulty: Extreme
Race Types: Classic
Tracks: Buttzville Pass Rally

In Classic, there are no pick-ups, such as mines or health. The bot will not be able to maintain its health while you repeatedly ram it during the race. You also need to be somewhat cautious, as you also will not be able to repair (Video).
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