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Geneforge (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Hold [Shift] + D to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes while in an area, and not on the island map, to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Fully restore Energy and Essence to shaper and all creations rechargeme
Give experience to shaper and all creations (amount depends on shaper's level) iwanttobestronger
Fully restore Life to shaper and all creations healmenow
All areas forget your crimes pleaselikeme
Turn current area green on Sucia Island world map clearthisarea
Give shaper a rock igotarock
Disable all active codes nomorecheats
Resets crimes forgiveme
Makes it possible to join Awakened or Takers iloveserviles
Makes it possible to join Obeyers ihateserviles
Removes membership from Awakened, Takers, and Obeyers; allowing you to join any of them clearallsects
Kill all hostile monsters in view dbugkill
Give shaper 100 coins givememoney
Get over 100 coins; only in early versions of game ilovemoney
Show all characters on map showmeall
Hide characters on map dontshowmeall
Leave current area and return to Sucia Island map exitzone


Hidden message

Click the circular platform at the bottom of the main menu to make a new random creation. Keep making random creations, but also click on the ones that are moving around to make them disappear until you reach the maximum number of the same type of creation. For example, have the maximum number of all Serviles moving on the screen. A hidden message will appear at the bottom right corner. Each creation type has its own hidden message.


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