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George Of The Jungle And The Search For The Secret (Wii)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Pause game play and go to the "Options" menu. Select "Cheats", then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A monkey sound will confirm correct code entry.

Refill health

Enter BANANAS! as a code. When you resume the game, George's health bar will be refilled. Note: This is very useful in the later levels and for Bosses.

Extra life

Enter VOODOO as a code. You will gain another life. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of lives. Note: This is very useful during the later Bosses and levels.

Double damage

Enter IMFAST as a code.

One-hit kills against non-Bosses

Enter WHAP? as a code.

One-hit kills against Bosses

Enter MONSTERS!! as a code.


Defeating Anaconda

He will start the fight by swinging his head at you. Jump over it, and he will resort to acid spitting. When you have survived these, he will summon two crocodiles. Slam one of them and throw him. if you miss with both, he will summon more until you land a hit on him. The first time you hit him, he only lets you hit him with one crocodile. Afterwards, you can hit him with both. Repeat the process until you win.

Defeating Slappy

When Slappy enters the ring outside his Pedostal, run from him, then turn around and punch him three times, then run again. After Slappy has lost a third of his health bar, a bell will ring. Slappy will jump back onto his pedestal, and two monkeys will attack you. While you are fighting them, Slappy will throw dynamite at you. Kill the monkeys, and another bell will ring. Slappy will jump back in the ring and chase you again. Repeat the process until another bell rings and Slappy will go back onto his pedestal. This time, four monkeys will attack you as Slappy throws more dynamite. After you have killed all four monkeys, Slappy will return to the ring. Finish him off with the strategy you have been using. Note: Collect bananas from fallen monkeys or enable the "Refill health" code if you lose health.
bmtay ar, r drrailri dnw, prc

Defeating the Baboon King

At the start of the fight, the Baboon King will jump into the tree tops and throw bombs at you. On both sides of the arena there is a George imprint. Ram the one on the side that the Baboon King is on (he will switch sides after a few bombs). When he falls from the tree, repeatedly jump attack him and dodge his spin attack. After awhile of doing this, he will jump back into the tree tops and metal bars will slide over the imprints. To remove them, kill the monkeys on both sides of the arena. The bars will slide down. Repeat this and you will defeat the Baboon King.