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Glowfish (PC)

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Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Glowfish (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

Barrage of Bubbles: Eliminate 100 enemies by circling them in chain mode.
Best Friends Forever: Unlock all Glow Chums.
Crowd Control: Take 500 friends to safety.
Explorer of the Deep: Locate 50 secret areas.
Glow Power: Defeat dr. urchin.
Incandescent: No loss of glow on a stage.
I'm a Star!: Get a 4-Star Rating in any level.
I'm a Superstar!: Get a 4-Star Rating in 10 different levels.
Lariat Roundup: Circle a large foe into a friend.
Love Tap: Convert the Corrupted Fighter into a Glow Chum.
Master of the Universe: Get a 4-Star Rating in all 50 levels.
Mr. Invincible: A perfect win over Dr. Urchin; no loss of glow.
Mr. Popular: Take 50 friends to safety.
Not Easily Baited: Avoid the Angler Fish in the Briny Depths.
Ooh, Shiny!: Collect 500 coins.
Pacifist: Finish level 4 without harming any foes.
Personal Trainer: Upgrade your Glow Chums to maximum capacity.
Puzzling: Get a 4-Star Rating on any of the puzzle levels.
Scout Master: Upgrade Scout to maximum.
Scouting Party: Locate 25 secret areas.
The 100 Club: Eliminate 100 enemies in orbit mode.
Trespasser: Locate 10 secret areas.
Walls of Jericho: Trap an enemy creature between the moving walls.
What's under the hood?: Win the Darter race with a 4-Star Rating.
Worth its Weight: Collect 5,000 coins.


Easy "Best Friends Forever" achievement

Most of the Glow Chums are easy to find, either during progression of the story or by doing a simple side-quest. To get Darter, defeat him at the race by following the lower path when it splits. Shade, the fifth Glow Chum, can be found in level 25, which is level 5 of stage 3. Have Scout with you and check every enemy he points out. There is an invisible enemy in each area that is just a pair of eyes. Circle it with Chain mode until it appears briefly. Repeat this in each area, avoiding the whirlpool at the end. After finding it in all places, Shade will join you.

Easy "Incandescent" achievement

  • Play all ten levels of any stage without dying. Hits and fish-losses are allowed. To do this easily, create a new profile and start the game from the beginning because stage 1's levels are the easiest. When racing the Boss in the final level, select the lower route to avoid obstacles and remain in the center of the corridor.
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  • You do not have to start a new profile. Replay earlier levels on Stage 1 "Briny Depths" for four stars. Replay levels in which you died and make sure it does not happen again. You can get hit and lose fishes.

Easy "Master of the Universe" achievement

You can earn a star by completing the following goals on a particular level. The time elapsed and score will not matter, and you can backtrack when possible.

  • Complete the level.
  • Find and catch all small fishes, sending them home or not.
  • Kill all enemies.
  • Collect all coins.

In level 10 (stage 1), you only have to defeat Darter to earn four stars. Having both Scout and Darter maxed are recommended. Scout is the most helpful, in order to find unseen enemies. Use Darter to collect coins and check for any that were missed. Check the map frequently for hidden areas, then explore them. Free fish will appear as a blue glow on the edge of the screen. Some levels have puzzles that may be hidden. In this case, you will have to complete a specific action in order for enemies, coins, and fish to appear. Some enemies will not appear at the edge of the screen when using Scout. The spiked jellyfish that appear from shells will not appear on the map until they have sprung out. If you remain near a fish house (the shell), you will be able to change Chums. Switch to Darter to determine if you have missed a coin. However in almost every levels use Scout to find new enemies.

Easy "Pacifist" achievement

Start level 4 on stage 1 and rush to the end, avoiding enemies. To be safe, get a few free fishes occasionally. Do not use attacking Chums. Darter is useful and has the speed required to escape enemies.