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This game is titled Trash Panic in North America and Gomibako in Japan.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Achieved SSS Rank on all Main Dish Stages (Silver): You've gotten SSS rank on all stages.
Cleared and Passed all "MOTTAINAI" on Main Mode - Main Dish (Bronze): You've received the master of Personal Delivery title.
Cleared Emptying the Trash Box! (Bronze): You're a totally clean player.
Cleared Main Mode - HELL (Silver): A present to the survivor of HELL, a steel trash box.
Cleared Main Mode - HELL with a Green Trash Box (Bronze): A present for the player who has worked so hard: the strongest trash box.
Cleared Main Mode - HELL with a Red Trash Box (Bronze): At last, you've received the green trash box. Dispose away.
Cleared Main Mode - HELL with a Steel Trash Box (Bronze): You received the next trash box, the red trash box. Burn, baby, burn.
Cleared Main Mode - HELL with the Strongest Trash Box (Gold): Thank you for playing, trashy player.
Cleared Main Mode - Main Dish Through the ECO Route (Silver): You're an ECO-logistic player! Unlocked HELL mode.
Cleared Main Mode - Main Dish through the EGO Route (Bronze): You are an EGOist player! Unlocked HELL course.
Cleared Main Mode - Sweets on ECO (Bronze): Attained the title of Trash ECO Patissier.
Completed all the Main Mode - Main Mish Stages on the A Route! (Bronze): You've completed all stages on the A route.
You've Played More than 24 Hours! (Bronze): You're a Baur.