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Grand Prix Story

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Complete the indicated task, then research the corresponding car to create it.
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Aero Car: Upgrade the Sonic Car to 55%.
Banana Car: Win the Chimp Island GP.
Buggy: Upgrade the Roadster to 25%.
Cigar Car: Upgrade the Dragster to 55%.
Dragster: Win the Snowville GP.
Duck Car: Complete the Autoburg Sponsorship.
Kairo Car: Win the the Kairo Island GP.
Mach Car: Upgrade both the Spiral Car and Aero Car to 55%.
Proto Car: Upgrade the Buggy to 55%.
SL Car: Complete the Kairo Insurance Sponsorship.
Sonic Car: Upgrade the Wing Car to 55%.
Spiral Car: Upgrade the Cigar Car to 55%.
Super Car: Upgrade the Proto Car to 55%.
Wing Car: Win the Japan GP.

Medium garage

Finish the Local Grand Prix in first place.

Large garage

Finish the Asia Grand Prix in first place.

Fast game-speed setting

Successfully complete the game.