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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PSP)

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Walkthrough (PSP)


Angel Bike

Complete the "Taking the Fall" mission to have this bike appear at Lance's safehouse.


Complete the "Last Stand" mission.


Complete the "Kill Phill" mission.

Little Willie

Little Willie is a small helicopter that fits only one person. You can get it at your new apartment building after doing the "From Zero To Hero" mission. It is on the roof and costs $5,000.


Complete the "When Funday Comes" mission.


As soon as you get out of Little Haiti and enter Downtown, notice the small line coming out of the island and going into the water on your map. When you go there, it will look like a little dock. On it will be the Skimmer aquatic plane.

Splitz-6 ATV

Complete Lance's mission "From Zero To Hero". The Splitz-6 ATV that can travel on land and water will appear at the compound safe house.

Easy M16

  • After the first mission you will end up in the barracks. Grab the handgun and kill soldiers. Take their guns. Note: If you kill too many of them they will fire back.
  • At the start of the game when Vic is stationed at the barracks, the soldiers walking around the fort all carry M16 assault rifles. You can get as many as desired by jumping into one of the parked Patriots and running the soldiers over. You can pick up their rifles and go on a rampage, or use them to complete the bonus missions around the city easier. After you pass the third or fourth mission for your first Boss however, you will be kicked out of the base and have no way of getting the M16s with that method.

Domo Arigato Domestoboto mission: Safe combination

The code to crack the safe is "8423".

Jive Drive mission: Lead Lance from harm

The first part can be easy, but the second part can be frustratingly hard. To make it easier, stand and fight when it is safe, and run when it is not. First, equip yourself properly. You will need a shotgun with at least 10 shells and an AK47 with at least 70 rounds. You will also need some basic knowledge of how Lance behaves during this mission. Knowledge of Lance's behavior is crucial to his survival, as well as your own. Lance will follow you as long he can see you. If you sprint and he sees you, he will also sprint. Do not make any sharp turns around corners. If he loses sight of you, he will run to the closest wall along the path to get to you, then just do a continuous bump-into-the-wall movement. Before entering the pink marker, equip the shotgun. This mission starts easy enough. Go to pickup your brother at the airport. He makes you wait, then he surprises you. You settle your differences, then point yourself toward home. The Cholos will decide this is a prime opportunity to exact revenge on you. Once you regain control of Vic, try to hit as many Cholos as you can. The trick to keeping your car free of damage is to kill all the Cholos shooting your vehicle. Aim for the heads of individuals, and the tires of moving cars. If you just shoot moving cars until they explode, the explosion will damage your vehicle if they explode nearby. Shoot the tires so that they skid away from you. As far as stationary cars, just fire away. The explosion should kill nearby Cholos. If you make it all the way to the end, Lance will make "one more Lance Vance Chance". After Vic and Lance argue some more, it is time to flee. When the second part starts, equip the shotgun and run towards the Cholo if front of you. Kill as many Cholos in front of you as possible, then run down the street towards the water. Make sure that Lance can see you at all times. Lance will only follow if he can see you. Keep your eye on traffic and stay to the right. Do not let Lance get run over by a car. Once you have Lance in tow, keep running down the street and cross Bayshore Avenue. Stay in the grassy area and hang out with Lance. You will be mostly safe from harm. You still have to kill all the Cholos that are represented by red blips on your radar, but you will now have the upper hand not only on the Cholos, but on Lance as well. Equip the AK47 and start making your way back towards the Cholos. They will be making their way towards you, but the AK's longer range means you can dispatch the Cholos without them being able to target you with their shorter range SMGs. Lance will not be able to engage them either, which will keep him safe as well. Once all the Cholos are dead, take Lance home.

Easy kills

Walk up behind someone, then press Triangle. Their arms should be in the air. Press Triangle again to break their neck.

Harder punches

Walk up to someone. Hold R1 + Triangle  PlayStation2   or R + Triangle  PSP  to grasp them, then press X to hit harder.

Destroying durable vehicles

To easily destroy durable vehicles (for example, tanks and Army trucks), throw Molotov Cocktails at them. Tanks usually take about three to five Molotovs. Army trucks and others like it take about two Molotovs. Almost every other vehicle only requires one Molotov to destroy them. Note: A Flamethrower is also a good alternative. However, if confronted by a massive group of tanks and trucks, you must have lots of health, armor, and ammunition if you are out of Molotov Cocktails.

Go faster on bikes

 PSP  You can reach maximum speed on scooters and motorcycles by pressing Up slightly on the Analog-pad to duck your head. Do not press it all the way or you will stand up, which makes you go slower. You cannot steer while doing this.

Getting the best cars

To find some of the best cars, drive to Starfish Island. Take the first left turn and then a right turn. You will find a Cheetah, Infernus, etc.

Back flip

To do a back flip, enable the "Perfect handling" code and go up a ramp. Just before you go off the ramp, jump. You should do a back flip. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reference

The actual "Easter egg" from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is back in Vice City Stories in the exact same location. This time it is literally under construction. Go to the bridge that leads to Prawn Island from the east side of Vice City. If you are coming directly from the Ammu-Nation, it should be on your left. It is the VCN building. You can walk into the arrow and you will be on top of the VCN building. Walk up the ramps to get to the helipad. Once there, you should see that a part of the helipad touches the neighboring building. Run and jump into the window. You cannot see through the window; it is a wall that you can walk through that has a window design on it. If you hit it in the correct location, you go through the wall and see the Easter Egg from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, only it is still being built. It is a red metal frame (like a building that is under construction) and has a construction arm that is building it. Also the stand that it is on has a sign that has a smiley face and scribbles.


Fall through ground

  • Get a motorbike(the police bike recommended) and go to Diaz's mansion on Starfish Island. Wheelie onto the rail of his steps, then look right (as if you are doing a drive-by). Wait until it sinks slightly into the rail. Get off the bike. You will fall underneath the steps and land just outside. The bike will explode.
  • Go to the lighthouse near Ocean Beach. Get a Sanchez and ride up the stairs that lead to the door. Get off of the Sanchez and it will appear as if you fell through the stairs. Note: This may not work the first time you try it. Keep trying and it will eventually happen.

Banshee skewer

Steal a Banshee. Then by ramming objects only, break the hood off the Banshee. Then crash the car at high speed head on into a telephone pole. For the trick to work, you must hit the pole in the dead center of the engine. The car will now be skewered by the pole and cannot be taken out.

Stuck in Rhino tank

Start a new game or have a saved game with Victor still working for the army. Get into a car in the base and drive out the right door. Go forward until half the car has passed the yellow line. Walk out and take a few steps to your left. Enable the "Spawn Rhino tank" code. The tank will spawn where you are standing. You will be stuck in there until you reload the game or kill yourself.


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