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Easy trophies


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Off The Boat (Bronze): You have completed the first mission.
One Hundred And Eighty (Bronze): You scored 180 with 3 darts.
Pool Shark (Bronze): You beat a friend at pool.
King of QUB3D (Bronze): You beat the high score in QUB3D.
Finish Him (Bronze): You completed 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.
Genetically Superior (Bronze): You came first in 20 singleplayer street races.
Wheelie Rider (Bronze): You completed a 500 foot wheelie on a motorbike.
Gobble Gobble (Bronze): You got a turkey in 10-pin bowling.
Rolled Over (Bronze): You managed 5 car rolls in a row from one crash. (Video)
Walk Free (Bronze): You successfully lost a 4 star wanted rating.
Courier Service (Bronze): You completed all 10 package delivery jobs.
Chain Reaction (Bronze): You exploded 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.
Order Fulfilled (Bronze): You completed all 10 Exotic Export orders.
Manhunt (Bronze): You completed the most wanted side mission.
Cleaned The Mean Streets (Bronze): You caught 20 criminals through the police computer.
It'll Cost Ya (Bronze): You made a taxi trip from one island to another without skipping.
Sightseer (Bronze): You have taken all variations of the helicopter tours of Liberty City.
Warm Coffee (Bronze): You were invited into your girlfriend's house.
Half Million (Bronze): You have amassed a fortune of $500,000.
Full Exploration (Bronze): You unlocked all the islands.
You Got The Message (Bronze): You delivered all 30 cars ordered through text message.
Assassin's Greed (Bronze): You completed all 9 assassin missions.
Under The Radar (Bronze): You flew under all the main bridges in the game.
Teamplayer (Bronze): You killed 5 opposing team members.
Cut Your Teeth (Bronze): You were successfully promoted up a rank in multiplayer.
Join The Midnight Club (Bronze): You won a multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much.
Fly The Co-op (Bronze): You completed "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II" in time.
Taking It For The Team (Bronze): You were on the winning team in all multiplayer team games.
Top Of The Food Chain (Bronze): You successfully killed 20 players with a pistol in a deathmatch.
Top The Midnight Club (Bronze): You won 20 different multiplayer standard races.
Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (Bronze): You won in all variations of multiplayer games.
Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie (Bronze): You killed a Rockstar in multiplayer.
One Man Army (Silver): You survived a 6 star wanted level for a full 5 minutes.
Dare Devil (Silver): You completed all the unique stunt jumps.
Endangered Species (Silver): You collected every hidden package in the game.
Liberty City (5) (Silver): Your friends all like you above 90%.
Liberty City Minute (Gold): You finished the story in less than 30 hours.
Key To The City (Gold): You completed GTA IV to 100%.
Wanted (Gold): You achieved the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer.

Additionally there are twelve secret trophies

Driving Mr. Bellic (Bronze): You unlocked the special ability of Roman's taxi.
Retail Therapy (Bronze): You unlocked the special ability of buying guns from Little Jacob.
Lowest Point (Bronze): You completed the mission "Roman's Sorrow".
Fed The Fish (Bronze): You completed the mission "Uncle Vlad".
That's How We Roll! (Bronze): You unlocked the special ability of Brucie's helicopter ride.
Impossible Trinity (Bronze): You completed the mission "Museum Piece".
Dial B For Bomb (Bronze): You unlocked the special ability of Packie's car bomb placement.
Gracefully Taken (Bronze): You completed the mission "I'll Take Her".
No More Strangers (Bronze): You've met all the random characters.
That Special Someone (Bronze): You completed the mission "That Special Someone".
You Won! (Bronze): You have completed the story.
Taking A Liberty (Bronze): Sorry for taking liberties with your time.


I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle mission: Car of death

Created by TurboReiji.

Kill your target before he can make the first turn with his car. It will turn into a whirling flaming wreck that spins around through the ground and damages anything that gets near.

Swing catapult

Created by retroprosa.

Drive to the park with a swingset at the Firefly Projects in Broker. Using a light vehicle such as a Blista, Futo, or Comet is recommended. Run into the swings at a moderate speed to get the chain moving. Then, back up and drive into the center pole at a good speed. If you have a rear wheel drive or four wheel drive car, drive forward until the front end is on the middle pole until it is in the air and get the vehicle as close to vertical as possible without it flipping. If using a front wheel drive car, drive it in reverse into the pole. Eventually the car will get tossed far into the air. Note: Sometimes Nikko will be tossed through the windshield instead when driving forward into the pole.

Swim through objects

When swimming into certain objects at certain places you can go through them.

Frozen system

If your PlayStation3 freezes when trying to play the game, try the following to fix the problem. Sign out of PlayStation Network either by canceling the sign in process before it can be completed under the Network option on the Cross Media Bar, or going to "Settings", then "Network Settings", then "Internet Connection" and disabling your current connection.


After you die and are standing outside the hospital, use a sniper rifle to kill someone with a headshot. Release L2 and you will be invisible.

Fall through ground

  • Take a large vehicle, such as an SUV, to Francis International Airport. Drive sideways under a moving plane so that the wheels are pushing into you. There is a good chance you and the car will drop below the world. After a few seconds you will respawn back on land with the car gone.
  • Get to the part where you go into the subway about halfway through the mission "Your Shirt, Your Boots, Your Motorcycle". Stay to the left. When the subway car comes towards you, keep left and try to get in-between the wall and the subway car. Doing this will drop you into "blue hell" for a few of seconds before popping you back up.
  • Go to "Fishmarket South" (where you do one mission for Bernie). Find the Anchor statue near the sea. Go towards the water and over the little dock into the water. Swim to the right (south) until you see a wooden "pier" against the wall. It should have square gaps that you can hop in through. Jump through the one to the far right (the first one you swim past) and move towards the wall. You will fall down into "blue hell".

Surviving high falls

Get on the top of a large building via helicopter. Light yourself on fire with a Molotov cocktail on the edge of a building and proceed to fall off. When you hit the ground, you will not lose any life (except getting burned). This happens because the animation when Niko gets burned intercepts the falling animation.

Swim under city

Go to the north part of the map, just northwest of Butterfly Street in Bohan. Once there, get down to the outskirts of the land and walk towards the corner between the brick wall and the cliff. You can walk through the invisible wall. Lookup towards the city to see the city from below. You can also continue onwards and swim under the city.

Instant stopping in car

While driving a car bring up your cellphone. Enter the menu and highlight "Camera". Press X at any time to go into camera mode and immediately stop, no matter what speed you were traveling. Press Circle to exit camera mode and begin driving again.

Curving rocket

Enable the "Spawn Annihilator police helicopter" code and fly to Middle Park. Land on top of the Capital Building. It is the only building inside Middle Park, and is next to the street. Go to the edge of the building. Take out a rocket launcher and fire it diagonally down towards the middle of the street. If done correctly, the rocket should curve before it hits the ground, then fly straight into the distance. This does not happen with every rocket fired, but always works if you are aiming at the correct location on the street. It appears there is a "sweet spot" on the ground, meaning that there is a precise position you can shoot at that will trigger this glitch easier than some positions. You can actually walk around the building and do this on all of the sides. For some reason instead of continuing down the negative slope and crashing to the ground, the rocket curves before it hits the ground.

Rapid fire shotgun

Note: This was done with the Pimp shotgun. Buy or get various type of weapons including the Pimp shotgun. Then, select the nearest weapon such as the pistol or SMG. After that, quickly select the shoutgun and keep firing by holding R2 and tapping the Left Analog-stick. If your timing is correct, Niko will shoot All his shotgun shells like a machine gun until the next reload.

Damage-proof vehicle

Use the following trick to make any vehicle immune to rockets, grenades, and other weapons. Take out a girlfriend on a date. Get in your car and shoot through your window to do a drive-by to scare her. A short intermission sequence will show your date leaving. Your vehicle is now immune to damage.

Invisible helicopter

Get into a helicopter and fly straight in any direction. Keep flying off the map. After a long time your radar will begin to blink as if you are being chased by the police. Then your health will begin to go down. You will need to enable the "Full health" code to proceed. Soon afterwards, you and your helicopter will turn invisible. Note: This requires at least thirty minutes to happen.

Kill your date

Normally, Niko cannot kill his dates, but only "scare" them. When on a date with a girlfriend or boyfriend, have them follow you to any coastline. Swim out into the middle of the ocean. A few yards in the water, Niko's date will instantly die. Note: This glitches the game. If Kate gets killed, her telephone will always be busy when called. Niko will also receive date invitations from dead people labeled as "Unknown Caller".

Deadly armor

Note: This does not happen every time. Put on some armor and go to the beach. Start swimming, and after awhile, you will start to lose life. To save yourself, keep close to the shore but swim around for a long time. This may require ten minutes of real time.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Lost And Damned


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