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Gravity Rush

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This game is titled Gravity Rush in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Gravity Daze in Japan.




Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation Vita trophy rewards.
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It's all Relative (Platinum): Collected every trophy. Congratulations!
Lost Kat (Bronze): Awakened in Auldnoir.
Ancient Game Hunter (Silver): Defeated the rare Nevi in Rift Planes: The Ruins.
Burning Game Hunter (Silver): Defeated the rare Nevi in Rift Planes: The Inferno.
Illusory Game Hunter (Silver): Defeated the rare Nevi in Rift Planes: The Mirage.
Frequent Flyer (Silver): Landed 10 gravity kicks without landing or taking damage.
Pitching Machine (Silver): Hurled 10 objects into enemies without missing or taking damage.
Gravitational Anomaly (Silver): Defeated 8 enemies with one special attack.
New Challenger (Bronze): Cleared a challenge.
True Challenger (Bronze): Cleared EVERY challenge.
Gold Medalist (Bronze): Gold-medaled a challenge.
Silver Lining (Silver): Earned a silver or better in every challenge.
All That Glitters (Gold): Gold-medaled EVERY challenge.
Going Underground (Silver): Discovered every manhole.
Lost in Time and Space (Silver): Heard the mysterious couple's complete story.
Gem Collector (Silver): Collected a total of 20,000 precious gems.
Gem Aficionado (Gold): Collected a total of 40,000 precious gems.
Top Cat (Gold): Raised Kat's reputation to 'Top Cat.'

Additionally there are twenty two secret trophies.

Learner’s Permit (Bronze): Mastered the fundamentals of gravity.
From Oblivion (Bronze): Completed episode 1.
Shadows Over the City (Bronze): Completed episode 2.
Home Sweet Home (Bronze): Completed episode 3.
The Hekseville Phantom (Bronze): Completed episode 4.
A Meeting with Destiny (Bronze): Completed episode 5.
The Lost City (Bronze): Completed episode 6.
Too Many Secrets (Bronze): Completed episode 7.
A Hundred and One Nights (Bronze): Completed episode 8.
Letting Old Ghosts Die (Bronze): Completed episode 9.
Curiosity Killed the Cat (Bronze): Completed episode 10.
Thick Skin (Bronze): Completed episode 11.
Look Out Below (Bronze): Completed episode 12.
Kids Just Don’t Understand (Bronze): Completed episode 13.
The Lost Tribe (Bronze): Completed episode 14.
Memories of Another World (Bronze): Completed episode 15.
Children of the Past (Bronze): Completed episode 16.
Fading Light (Bronze): Completed episode 17.
Adreaux On Call (Bronze): Completed episode 18.
Falling to Pieces (Bronze): Completed episode 19.
An Unguarded Moment (Bronze): Completed episode 20.
No Rest for the Virtuous (Gold): Completed episode 21.

Maid Pack

Spy Pack

Special Forces Pack


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