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Gretzky NHL '06 (PSP)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Select the "Features" option at the main menu. Then, select "Gretzky Challenge" followed by and "Unlockables". Press Start at the unlockables screen to display the password entry screen. Enter one of the following passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function.

All bonuses

Enter CONHEOSL as a password.

One Gretzky point

Enter CULKY NETC as a password.

Alternate uniforms

Enter NNIADOUAMFM as a password.

Vintage uniforms

Enter DLEONG ARE as a password.

All Wayne Gretzkys

Enter TEH ESATGRTE NOES as a password.

Big boards checking

Enter LAL ABRAOD as a password.

Bigger players

Enter ARGLE NI RAGECH as a password.

No skater fatigue

Enter EFDTAFEACIN as a password.

Perfect aim mode

Enter TADHRE TEH EDNELE as a password.
pguidi nswgemr tpbyt

Perfect slap shots

Enter SAPL TATH CUKP as a password.

RoboEnforcer Model-44

Enter OBOR SKHECC as a password.

Smaller players

Enter IGHTMY UOSEM as a password.

Stanley Cup Championship video

Enter VINIOS FO LYRGO as a password.