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Grid (PlayStation3)

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This game is titled Grid in North America and Race Driver: Grid in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Use one of the following methods to access the cheats.

  • Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding car in Grid World and Raceday. Note: You must have 40,000 in funds to start your own team to get the option to view and test drive the bonus cars.
  • Complete all the global events in first place to unlock the final Head 2 Head race with Ravenwest. Win that race to unlock all cheats. To activate them, select "Options" at the main menu, then "Bonus Codes".

Buchbinder BMW 320si vinyl

Enter F93857372 as a code.

GameStation BMW 320si vinyl

Enter G29782655 as a code.

Stage 1 classic muscle cars

Enter MUS59279 as a code.

MicroMania Paganini Zonda vinyl

Enter M38572343 as a code. Aston Martin DBR9 vinyl

Enter P47203845 as a code.

Tuner cars

Enter TUN58396 as a code.


Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game with all 51 gold trophies to unlock all cheats and special cars unlocked. You will also unlock a final Head to Head with Ravenwest consisting of three laps around Circuit de la Sarthe that must be done under the Extreme difficulty setting. The race is worth $20 million and also awards you bonus cars, allowing you to have a total of 47 cars in your garage.

Ninja difficulty

Win all trophies and complete all head-to-head races in Grid World.

Global license

Earn all of the other regional licenses, then, get 1 million Global Points. Note: All other licenses that have not been acquired yet will also become unlocked.


 Xbox 360  Get on top of both the Team and Driver leaderboards to unlock the Grid Gamerpic.


Walkthrough (PC)


Easy money

Complete as many driver jobs as possible. You will get a $4,500 bonus if you do not use the Flashback option.


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