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Halo: Combat Evolved (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Custom Edition: Cheat mode

Start the game with the -console -devmode command line parameter. Press ~ during game play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: You cannot enable codes in online games. Also, commonly used commands can be placed in an "init.txt" text file in the main game directory that also contains the "halo.exe". Entries in that file should be made in the same format that they are entered into the console, and will be activated automatically when the game is started. Note: Lesser used console codes can be found here.

Effect Code
Toggle instant deaths for enemies that see player cheat_medusa <0 or 1>
Set game speed game_speed <0-20>
Clear console window cls
Toggle unlimited ammunition and no overheating for human weapons and plasma weapons cheat_bottomless_clip <0 or 1>
Unlimited ammunition cheat_infinite_ammo <0 or 1>
Super jumps cheat_super_jump <0 or 1>
Possess touched character cheat_bump_possession <0 or 1>
Invincibility cheat_deathless_player <0 or 1>
Active camouflage until shot, quit, or level ends cheat_active_camouflage
Spawn Warthog cheat_spawn_warthog
Spawn all power-ups cheat_all_powerups
Spawn all vehicles cheat_all_vehicles
Spawn all weapons cheat_all_weapons
Teleport player to current camera position cheat_teleport_to_camera
Save current camera location debug_camera_save
Go to saved camera location, away from player debug_camera_load
List player names and numbers on server sv_players
Ban indicated player from server sv_ban <player name or number>
Kick indicated player from server sv_kick <player name or number>
Send message as **SERVER** user name1 sv_say <message>
Quit game quit

1. Note: Use the underscore character "_" in place of spaces in your message to separate words.
, , , and

Debug camera commands

Use one of the following commands to move the camera, after the debug_camera_load has been used.

W: Forward
S: Back
A: Strafe left
D: Strafe right
R: Up
F: down
Mouse: Turn
Mouse Wheel Up or Down: Movement speed


Alternate ending sequence

Successfully complete the last level of the game in campaign mode under the Legendary difficulty setting. The new ending features a human and alien fighting hand to hand. The human will say "Its over", and then they hug because they know the explosion will kill them both. Also, the FMV sequence of each battle scene will be slightly longer.

Alternate dialogue

  • Playing under the Legendary difficulty setting introduces new dialogue not heard in other modes. For example, after being massacred by a force of Grunts, Jackals and Elites, one of the Grunts asks, "Can I have his helmet?". Also, your fellow Marines seem to be a bit more chatty (as well as profane).
  • Under the Legendary difficulty setting, view the entire first FMV sequence. During the sequence, the General says things very differently when compared to the sequence under the easy difficulty setting.


Obtain the indicated skull to get the corresponding effect.

Iron Skull: Dying in co-op mode places you at your last saved checkpoint. Dying in solo mode restarts the level.
Mythic Skull: All Covenant have twice the health. All Sentinels have energy shields.
Boom Skull: Explosions have twice the damage range.
Foreign Skull: Cannot collect or use Covenant weapons.
Famine Skull: Weapons dropped by CPU have half the usual ammunition.
Bandana Skull: Unlimited ammunition.
Fog Skull: Motion tracker is disabled.
Malfunction Skull: Each time you respawn a random part of the HUD is disabled.
Recession Skull: Each shot is expends twice the ammunition.
Black Eye Skull: Shields only recharge when you melee enemies.
Eye Patch Skull: Auto aim features disabled for all weapons.
PiƱata Skull: Punching enemies makes them drop grenades.
Grunt Birthday Party: Kill a Grunt with a headshot to see a spray of confetti.


Walkthrough (Xbox One)








Start the game with the -screenshot command line parameter. Press [Prt Scr] during game play to copy the current screen to the clipboard. You may now paste it into the program of your choice.

Haloball: Get Warthog out of stadium

There are two ways to do this. One is to place a Warthog in a corner, with the front facing out. Use it as a ramp for other Warthogs. The other method is to place a Warthog in a corner, then throw a plasma grenade under it, followed by a fragment grenade. When it flies up, shoot it with a rocket to knock it up to the stands. Note: Sometimes the Warthog slides off. Another rocket can knock it up farther and, sometimes prevent it from falling off.

LightningStrike: Banshee

Get a Ghost at one of the bases and drive up onto the mountain. Once on it, find a way to get to the other side of the map. You will find a Banshee over there.

LightningStrike2: Secret room

Go to the Red base and walk into the corner where there is a group of rocks. You will go through a secret teleporter find yourself under the bridge. Once there, look around for a trench. Get in it, and look for a small corner with a shotgun in it. Walk into that corner and you will find the secret room. There are rocket launchers, snipers, active camo, grenades, and overshields, along with a few pictures and a list of the beta testers.

SaberArena: Get on top of billboard

To get on top of the billboard advertising a Warthog, face it and walk into the left corner of the map. You will teleport up to it. You will find a laser rifle. The only way off is to jump.

Silent Cartographer: Get to the Silent Cartographer without fighting

You must have a overshield with you. After you open the door where the Gold Elite with the plasma sword is located, make a right. There should be an intermission sequence where Master Chief kicks a rock to see how deep the fall is. This is what you are trying to do, except land at a certain place. After the intermission sequence ends, look to the right and down. Notice that there are two platforms at the right. Position yourself and jump for the second platform, then look below. The third platform should be underneath. Look for any walls that you can slide so that you will not lose any life or shields. Slide down and go all the way to the left. You should see the Silent Cartographer and Convenant guarding at the other side. Try not to alert them. Sneak to the objective, press E, and you are done. Note: You will face Convenant when you must go back to the surface. If you have an overshield, your health will probably be at four bars and your overshield will be gone.

Streets Of Earth City: Nuclear signs

There are two signs in the map that will kill everyone nearby if they are shot. One is on the central tower, and the other is in the place where you find the Lifepod.

Streets Of Earth City: Find Lifepod

There are two ways to find the Lifepod. One is to fly around under the map until you find the place in one of the pillars. Another is to use a teleporter on the side of one of the towers. Note: To use the teleporter, you must use a Banshee and get out while directly in front of the teleporter.

Multi-player mode suicide

There are several ways to commit suicide on multi-player mode. Go to a level that has ceilings, preferably Rat Race. Get a plasma grenade, aim straight up, and throw it. Do not move. It will fall and stick to you, eventually blowing up and killing you. Another way is to have two plasma grenades. Throw the first one about ten feet from you then immediately throw another one about a foot in front of the other. Line yourself up with them. The second plasma grenade will be blown into you. Another way is to make a game play option where there are no shields and all shotguns. Go to a level with stationary Covenant shields. Get as close to one as you can with a shotgun. Shoot the shield and you will die.

Multi-player mode catapult

Go to a level that supports vehicles. The following weapons are requred: a plasma grenade, fragmentation grenade, and a rocket in a rocket launcher. When first trying this, back a Warthog up to a wall. Get on top of the Warthog's gun (not manning it). Look at the ground in front of the Warthog. Throw the plasma grenade in front of the Warthog. Immediately throw the fragmentation grenade directly on the plasma grenade. Then, immediately shoot the two grenades with the rocket launcher. You may be hurt in the process. However, you will be propelled high into the air if done correctly. Note: You can use this trick to get on top of the cliffs in Blood Gulch.

Demo version: Disappear from enemy radar

Crouch when you walk. It is a very slow technique, but it works. It is very useful if you grab active camouflage (in the middle of the Blood Gulch map) and do the crouch technique. You will be practically invisible to any enemy radar or eyes.




Strategy: Additional console codes by PyThOn

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