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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Debug mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "game.ini" file in the "system" folder. Note: On Windows 8 systems, the file to be edited in that folder is named "default". Find the following lines.


Then, change them to read as follows.


Press one of the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Key
Level select [F4]
Toggle ghost mode [Delete]
Change game speed [Page Up] or [Page Down]
Toggle console window ~
Full health [F6]
Learn all spells [F9]


Cheat mode

Enable the "Debug mode" code, then press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding function.

Effect Code
Quit game immediately quit or exit
Set Flobberworm Mucus amount set statusitemflobbermucus ncount <1-9999999>
Set Wiggentree Bark amount set statusitemwiggenbark ncount <1-9999999>
Set Berie Bott's Every Flavor Bean amount set statusitemjellybeans ncount <1-9999999>
Set Wiggenwell Potion amount set statusitemwiggenwell ncount <1-9999999>
Set Gryffindor House points set statusitemgryffindorpts ncount <1-9999999>
Set health points set statusitemhealth ncount <1-600>
Set Ravenclaw points set statusitemravenclawpts ncount <1-9999999>
Set Slytherin points set statusitemslytherinpts ncount <1-9999999>
Set Hufflepuff points set statusitemhufflepuffpts ncount <1-9999999>
Set number of Boomslang skins set statusitemboomslang ncount <1-1000>
Change character skin set harry Mesh skeletalMesh '<character>Mesh'
Save game without searching for book; load it again from the level select option savegame 1
Load quick-saved game loadgame1
Get all Wizard cards giveallcards


Character skins

Use one of the following entries with the set harry Mesh skeletalMesh '<character>Mesh' code.

Character Code
Aragog Aragog
Filch Filch
Fire Crab FireCrab
Fred FredWeasley
Ghost: Fat Friar FatFriar
Ghost: Moaning Myrtle MoaningMyrtle
Ghost: Nearly Headed Nick NHNick
Ghost: The Bloody Baron BloodyBaron
Basilisk Basilisk
Gnome Gnome
Hagrid Hagrid
Hermione Hermione
Madame Pomfrey MadamePromfrey
Mrs. Norris (Filch's cat) MrsNorris
Pig in Hagrid's place Pig
Professor Dumbledore ProfDumbledore
Professor Lockhart ProfLockhart
Professor Snape ProfSnape
Professor Sprout ProfSprout
Ron Ron
RonProfessor McGonagall ProfMcGonagall
Fat Lady Gryffindor portrait PinkLady
Golden Snitch Snitch

Less damage

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "defuser.ini" file in the "\ea games\harry potter and the chamber of secrets\system" folder. Scroll down to the end of the file to find the following text.


You can change the values of "fDamageMultiplier_Easy", "fDamageMultiplier_Medium" or "fDamageMultiplier_Hard" (depending on the level you have selected) to 0.1 to get less damage.


When you are in ghost mode, use the [Cursor keys] and Mouse to move around. When your view is above a place that you want to be at, press [Delete]. If done correctly, you should appear above that spot. This is very helpful in a challenge, since you can go through walls. Note: You must be in the same area. You cannot teleport from the inside to the outside.




Secret challenge

Go into the Gryffindor Common Room and walk up the flight of stairs inside. Then, enable the "Toggle ghost mode" code to pass through into the room behind the door on the right. If you run towards the door, you will be teleported to a secret challenge. To leave, go to the final star, which is found on top of a bookcase.
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Demo version: Easy Bertie Botts Beans

In the Lockheart's Office level, there is a way to get hundreds, if not thousands of Bertie Botts Beans in several places. In the entry hall where two Lockheart statues are facing each other, cast the Flipendo spell on one of them, collect the beans, then get beside that statue. Aim another Flipendo spell at the second statue, making sure that the spell will hit the statue next to you instead. When it hits, more beans will appear from that statue. Repeat this as needed. In the room where there is a golden chest and two statues, cast the spell on a Lockheart and hide behind it. Cast a spell at the chest blocked by it. The statue will spit out beans. Repeat this as needed. In the room with gnomes, get rid of them, and do this process at two Lockhearts. Repeat as desired.


Floating gnome

Grab the closest gnome to the castle entrance. Then, enter the castle. The gnome will be gone. Go back outside and look behind you. The gnome is floating upside-down, and will occasionally wiggle and jump downward into ground. (Screenshot)

Enter Hagrid's hut

Enable the "Toggle ghost mode" code. Go to Hagrid's hut. You can go below it and get inside his hut.

See waiting characters

Enable the "Toggle ghost mode" code. You can go to a place where all the characters are in the part where you stand. For example, you are near the bonus bean room, go through the front doors. You will see characters just standing there in a line. If you are in the great hall at the place with the stairs, go to the hospital wing. Go to where the Spongyfy and go straight through the desk, You will see people standing in a line. You can find a lot of this rooms like the one outside. Go straight through the Diffindo sign until you see people.

Stuck Doxy

When in the Chamber of Secrets part where there are several Lumos and Spongify Jump combinations, use Lumos on the first gargoyle then use Spongify to jump to the now visible ledge. Walk around the corner where you will see a ramp. Stand at where the ramp meets the floor and wait. When the Doxy reaches you, it will dive to bite you but will get stuck on the ramp, making it an easy target. Note: At least one Doxy must be alive for this to work.

Imp runs off ledge

This tricks works just about anywhere with a hole or dark space in the ground (for example, in the Chamber of Secrets). Stun an imp and throw it off the ledge you are standing on down to another lower ledge. The imp will get up and try to run towards you, falling off the edge as it does so.

Glitched area

Enable the "Debug mode" code, then turn on ghost mode near the gargoyle in the outside area. Turn the camera down and look for a bright box in the black. Proceed to it. Press [Delete] when the camera is in it and you will appear there. Note: It is extremely small and you cannot do much there.

Wrong storyline

In the game, Harry and Ron discover that Hermione has been attacked after Harry braves the forbidden forest. In the film and the book, Harry and Ron discover that Hermione has been petrified before the dark forest. In other words, the story has been switched around!


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