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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

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This game is titled Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar in North America and Europe, and Bokujou Monogatari: Youkoso Kaze no Bazaar e in Japan.



While using your watering can, hold the D-pad in the opposite direction you are facing. When the watering animation finishes, you will moonwalk for a few steps.
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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding animal as a pet.

  • Cats: Purchase four chickens from Raul's brother at the bazaar. A week later you will be able to buy a white or black cat from the same stand.
  • Dogs: Purchase sheep or lambs; or four cows or calves. A week later you will be able to buy a huskie or a beagle from the same stand.
  • Horse: Available during the second summer in a choice of four colors (black, brown, white, or red).

Easy money

Purchase Fodder (70 G) and Fertilizer (10 G) from Raul's store. Go to the second windmill under your farm and use them to make Grass Seeds. Each sells for about 530 G.


Combine the following foods to obtain the corresponding result.

Turnip Salad: Turnip
Tomato Salad: Tomato
Onion Salad: Onion
Potato Salad: Potato + Milk
Mixed Salad: Cucumber + Onion
Caprese Salad: Tomato + Oil + Cheese
Herb Salad: Mint + Chamomile + Lavender
Macaroni Salad: Spaghetti + Cucumber + Onion
Pasta Salad: Spaghetti + Mixed Salad
Paprika Marinade: Yellow Pepper + Olive Oil
Vichyssoise: Potato + Onion + Butter
Gazoacho: Tomato + Cucumber + Onion + Bread
Bouillabaisse: Onion + Tomato + Flounder
Corn Soup: Corn + Butter + Milk
Onion Soup: Onion + Butter
Pumpkin Soup: Pumpkin
Herb Soup: Chamomile + Onion + Cheese
Asparagus Soup: Asparagus
Radish Soup: Radish + Milk
Egg Soup: Egg + Onion
Soy Milk: Soybean + Edamame
Miso Soup: Miso + Spinach
Spaghetti Soup: Spaghetti + Bouillabaisse
Sauteed Turnips: Turnip + Butter
French Fries: Potato + Oil
Potato Pancakes: Potato + Flour + Oil
Hash Browns: Potato + Flour + Oil + Herb Cheese
Boiled Potato: Potato + Butter
Cabbage Rolls: Cabbage
Roasted Corn: Corn + Butter
Popcorn: Corn
Corn Cereal: Corn + Milk
Miso Eggplant: Eggplant + Miso
Roasted Eggplant: Eggplant
Baked Yam: Yam
Boiled Egg: Egg
Soft Boiled Egg: Black Egg
Fried Egg: Oil + Egg
Egg Custard: Egg + Shimeji
Sashimi: Tuna
Fish Paste: Dark Chub
Cauliflower Saute: Cauliflower + Oil
Roasted Mushroom: Oil + Shiitake
Roast P. Mushrooms: Oil + Poisonous Mushroom
Steamed Mushrooms: Shiitake
Vegetable Stir Fry: Oil + Cabbage
Chop Suey: Oil + Cabbage + Carrot + Shiitake
Sandwich: Bread + Cucumber + Tomato
Fruit Sandwich: Bread + Yogurt + Strawberry
Herb Sandwich: Bread + Mint + Chamomile + Lavender
Raison Bread: Bread + Grapes
Jelly Bread: Bread + Apple Jam
Herb Bread: Bread + Herb Butter
Curry Bread: Bread + Curry Powder
Toast: Bread
French Toast: Bread + Egg
Steamed Bread: Flour + Egg + Yam
Butter Roll: Bread + Butter
Croquette: Potato + Oil + Flour
Cream Croquette: Potato + Oil + Flour + Milk
Cheese Croquette: Potato + Oil + Flour + Cheese
Steamed Dumplings: Onion + Cabbage + Flour + Egg
Curry Dumpling: Flour + Curry Powder
Cheese Dumpling: Flour + Cheese
Pot Sticker: Flour + Onion + Cabbage + Shiitake
Focaccia: Flour + Oil + Herb Butter
Quiche: Flour + Pumpkin + Spinach + Potato
Stew: Flour + Potato + Milk
Tempura: Flour + Oil + Egg + Icefish
Galette: Buckwheat Flour + Egg + Cheese
Chinese Dumpling: Flour + Carrot + Shiitake + Shimeji
Seaweed Stew: Seaweed
Spring Roll: Rice Flour + Cabbage + Shiitake
Tofu: Soybean
Okara: Soybean + Fried Okara + Carrot
Fried Okara: Tofu + Oil
Dried Tofu: Tofu
Fried Tofu: Tofu + Flour + Oil
Boiled Tofu: Tofu + Soymilk
Cold Tofu: Tofu + Seaweed
Yuba Tofu: Soymilk
Dashi Egg: Oil + Black Egg
Fish & Chips: Potato + Flour + Oil + Three Lips
Scone: Flour + Good Butter + Jersey Milk
Main Dishes
Omelet: Oil + Milk + Egg
Omelet Rice: Oil + Milk + Cooked Rice + Egg
Egg Rice: Cooked Rice + Egg
Egg Rice Bowl: Cooked Rice + Seaweed + Egg
Cheese Fondue: Bread + Cheese
Tomato Fondue: Tomato + Bread + Olive Oil
Pink Fondue: Bread + Cheese + Red Wine (Gls)
Oil Fondue: Bread + Cheese + Nut Oil
Raclette: Potato + Cheese
Gratin: Penne Pasta + Onion + Cheese
Pizza: Flour + Tomato + Cheese
Sushi: Cooked Rice + Sashimi
Sushi Bowl: Cooked Rice + Sashimi + Egg
Grilled Fish: Sweetfish
Fish Stew: Mackerel
Meuniere: Flour + Oil + Flounder
Carpaccio: Olive Oil + Sashimi
Marinated Fish: Olive Oil + Onion + Tuna
Rice Ball: Cooked Rice + Seaweed
Fried Rice Ball: Rice Ball + Oil
Rice Porridge: Cooked Rice
Herb Rice Porridge: Cooked Rice + Herb Cheese
Milk Rice Porridge: Cooked Rice + Milk
Fried Rice: Cooked Rice + Oil + Egg
Risotto: Cooked Rice + Oil + Tomato + Onion
Doria: Cooked Rice + Onion + Flour + Milk + Butter
Farmer's Breakfast: Onion + Potato + Cheese + Butter
Macaroni & Cheese: Spaghetti + Cheese
Penne Pasta: Spaghetti + Herb Oil
Mixed Rice: Cooked Rice + Carrot + Fried Okara + Shiitake
Mushroom Rice: Cooked Rice + Shiitake + Shimeji
Shimeji Rice: Cooked Rice + Shimeji
Tempura Bowl: Cooked Rice + Tempura
Inari Sushi: Cooked Rice + Fried Okara
Dry Curry: Cooked Rice + Curry Powder
Curry Rice: Cooked Rice + Curry Powder + Potato + Yogurt
Vegetable Curry: Cooked Rice + Curry powder + Spinach + Green Pepper
Spicy Curry: Cooked Rice + Curry Powder + Chili Pepper + Tomato
Seaweed Curry: Cooked Rice + Curry Powder + Seaweed
Milk Curry: Cooked Rice + Curry Powder + Milk
Rainbow Curry: Curry Rice + Spinach + Tomato + Seaweed + Jersey Milk
Ultimate Curry: Rainbow Curry + Seaweed Curry + Failed Dish
Surpeme Curry: Rainbow Curry + Milk Curry + Failed Dish
Okonomiyaki: Flour + Cabbage + Oil
Odun Noodles: Flour + Fish Paste
Tempura Udon: Udon Noodles + Tempura
Fried Udon: Udon Noodles + Oil
Cold Soba Noodles: Buckwheat Flour
Tempura Soba: Cold Soba Noodles + Tempura
Yakisoba: Cold Soba Noodles + Oil
Spaghetti: Flour + Oil
Herb Spaghetti: Flour + Herb Oil + Herb butter
Tofu Steak: Tofu + Oil + Shimeji
Fried Rice Noodles: Rice Flour + Oil + Cabbage + Shiitake
Milk Stew: Carrot + Onion + Milk
Paella: Cooked Rice + Onion + Tomato
Chestnut Rice: Cooked Rice + Bottled Chestnuts
Yam Dessert: Yam + Butter + Egg
Pumpkin Pudding: Pumpkin + Butter + Egg
Chocolate Banana: Banana + Chocolate
Stewed Apples: Apple + Butter
Apple Pie: Apple + Flour + Butter + Egg
Pineapple Pie: Pineapple + Flour + Butter + Egg
Cherry Pie: Cherry + Flour + Butter + Egg
Strawberry Pie: Strawberry + Flour + Butter + Egg
Blueberry Pie: Blueberry + Flour + Butter + Egg
Strawberry Sweet: Strawberry + Rice Candy
Sponge Cake: Flour + Egg
Pudding: Milk + Egg
Soy Milk Pudding: Soymilk + Egg
Egg Tart: Flour + Black Egg
Cheesecake: Egg + Milk + Cheese
Pancake: Egg + Milk + Flour + Butter + Honey
Donut: Flour + Oil + Egg + Milk + Butter
Cookies: Flour + Egg + Butter
Walnut Cookies: Bottled Walnuts + Flour + Egg + Butter
Herb Cookies: Chamomile + Flour + Egg + Herb Butter
Chocolate Cookies: Chocolate + Cookies
Ice Cream: Black Egg + Butter
Cake: Flour + Egg + Milk + Butter
Honey Cake: Cake + Honey
Steamed Cake: Flour + Milk + Carrot
Chocolate Cake: Chocolate + Cake
Sweet Dumplings: Rice Candy
Party Cake: Flour + Good Butter + Black Egg
Choc. Party Cake: Chocolate + Party Cake
Party Cheesecake: Party Cake + Good Cheese
Toasted Rice Candy: Rice Candy + Seaweed
Bamboo Dumpling: Rice Candy + Summer Tea Leaves
Fruit Shiratama: Shiratama Flour + Strawberry + Apple
Chocolate Fondue: Chocolate + Bread
Trifle: Sponge Cake + Black Egg + Jersey Milk + Strawberry
Baumkuchen: Flour + Black Egg + Jersey Milk
Churro: Flour + Oil + Black Egg
Mont Blanc: Bottled Chestnuts + Cake
Kurikinton: Bottled Chestnuts
Red Wine (Gls): Red Wine
White Wine (Gls): White Wine
Rose Wine (Gls): Rose Wine
Champagne (Gls): Champagne
Strawb. Wine (Gls): Strawberry Wine
Tomato Wine (Gls): Tomato Wine
Chicha (Gls): Chicha
Pineapple Wine (Gls): Pineapple Wine
Peach Wine (Gls): Peach Wine
Banana Wine (Gls): Banana Wine
Orange Wine (Gls): Orange Wine
Cherry Wine (Gls): Cherry Wine
Apple Wine (Gls): Apple Wine
Berry Wine (Gls): Berry Wine
Beer (Gls): Beer
Honey Wine (Gls): Honey Wine
Chestnut Wine (Gls): Chestnut Wine
Spring Wine (Gls): Spring Wine
Summer Wine (Gls): Summer Wine
Fall Wine (Gls): Fall Wine
4 Seasons Wine (Gls): 4 Seasons Wine
Sangria: Red Wine + Strawberry + Apple
Matcha Tea: Matcha Tea (Can)
Sencha Tea: Sencha Tea (Can)
Puer Tea: Puer Tea (Can)
Oolong Tea: Oolong Tea (Can)
Straight Tea: Straight Tea (Can)
Strawberry Tea: Strawberry Tea (Can)
Pineapple Tea: Pineapple Tea (Can)
Banana Tea: Banana Tea (Can)
Orange Tea: Orange Tea (Can)
Cherry Tea: Cherry Tea (Can)
Apple Tea: Apple Tea (Can)
Grape Tea: Grape Tea (Can)
Muscat Tea: Muscat Tea (Can)
Blueberry Tea: Blueberry Tea (Can)
Mint Tea: Mint Tea (Can)
Chamomile Tea: Chamomile Tea (Can)
Lavender Tea: Lavender Tea (Can)
Spring Tea: Spring Tea (Can)
Summer Tea: Summer Tea (Can)
Fall Tea: Fall Tea (Can)
Gold Tea: Gold Tea (Can)
Milk Tea: Straight Tea (Can) + Milk
Royal Milk Tea: Gold Tea + Jersey Milk
Russian Tea: Straight Tea + Apple Jam
Apple Jam: Apple
Strawberry Jam: Strawberry
Grape Jam: Grape
Blueberry Jam: Blueberry
Hot Coffee: Coffee Pack
Café au Lait: Hot Coffee + Milk
Cappuccino: Hot Coffee + Jersey Milk
Hot Milk: Milk
Cooked Rice: Rice
Bread: Flour
White Bread: Rice Flour
Green Tea: Green Tea (Can)
Peach Tea: Peach Tea (Can)


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