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Heavy Fire: Afghanistan - The Chosen Few (PlayStation3)

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Easy "Pinpoint Accurate" and "Trigger Happy" achievements or trophies

Have a second player playing under the guest profile. Start the first mission, have the second player remain idle, and do all of the killing with your character. When the mission ends, the guest will have 0% and will unlock the achievement or trophy for you. If you get over 50% shooting with your character, you will also earn the "Pinpoint Accurate" achievement or trophy.
vtrstapo, pcrpmp

Easy "Chain C" achievement or trophy

  • Play the "Operation 3 - Patrol" mission. During the start of the mission you will be ambushed and forced to exit your vehicle. Proceed through the mission until you get back in the car and are in control of the heavy gun. Take your time killing the soldiers and allow them to cluster so you can take out a group by exploding a car or barrel. You will eventually reach a section where a group of soldiers will gather in front of a large truck. This is also where you will reach a part of the road where you must turn left. Look to your right to see that group of soldiers gathering in front of a truck. Wait for all of them to gather and begin firing at you. Then, aim at the truck and blow it up to take out at least eleven soldiers.
  • At the start of mission 9, do not shoot immediately when the first encounter begins. After more enemies appear, then fire your machine gun and missiles.

Easy "Golden Bullet" achievement or trophy

Unlock the light machine gun and the magazine perks. After completing Campaign mode, go to the shooting range. Shoot in the air until time runs out. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

Easy "Trigger Happy" achievement or trophy

Go to one of the shooting farms then keep firing in the air.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): For collecting all trophies.
The Defender (Bronze): For completing operation 1.
No One Left Behind (Bronze): For completing operation 2.
Last Minute Hero (Bronze): For completing operation 3.
Ruthless (Bronze): For completing operation 4.
Survivor (Bronze): For completing operation 5.
The Crusher (Bronze): For completing operation 6.
Rookie (Bronze): For finishing all levels on rookie difficulty.
Veteran (Bronze): For finishing all levels on veteran difficulty.
Marine (Bronze): For 500 kills in total.
Exterminator (Silver): For 1000 kills in total.
John R. (Gold): For 3000 kills in total.
Marksman (Bronze): For 50 headshots in total.
Sharpshooter (Silver): For 100 headshots in total.
Headhunter (Gold): For 300 headshots in total.
Chain A (Bronze): For chain of 5 kills.
Chain B (Silver): For chain of 7 kills.
Chain C (Gold): For chain of 10 kills.
Demolition Enthusiast (Bronze): 100 destructible objects destroyed in total.
Demolition Man (Silver): 250 destructible objects destroyed in total.
Demolition Addict (Gold): 500 destructible objects destroyed in total.
Bronze Bullet (Bronze): For 15000 fired bullets.
Silver Bullet (Silver): For 20000 fired bullets.
Golden Bullet (Gold): For 25000 fired bullets.
Trigger Happy (Bronze): For finishing any mission with accuracy 5% or lower.
Pinpoint Accurate (Silver): For finishing any mission with accuracy 50% or higher.
Close Call (Silver): For finishing any mission with only one Health bar left.
Without a Scratch (Gold): For finishing any mission without being hit (except shooting ranges and "Hawk Eyes - The Escort").