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Heli Attack 3

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Go to "Players", and then "Cheats". Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Programmer message iopred
Programmer message DayDream
All weapons up up down down left right left right b a select start
Bow and arrow John Rambo
Chain gun Old Faithful
Sniper rifle Its a Jackal
Double shotgun This is my boomstick
Flak Cannon Shrapnel
Guided launcher Follow the leader
Drunken launcher Moonshine
Goo gun Gloop
Spark Plug 9 Volt
Bladerang Australians all let us rejoice
Laser rifle Alpha
Auto laser rifle Beta
Laser shotgun Gamma
Anytime I dont have time to bleed
Airstrike Call in artillery
Level select You are the moon master
A-Bomb Launcher Missile launch detected
Soundwaave Bass in your face
Black Hole Generator Wash away the rain
Amazon Jungle Ive got jungle fever, shes got jungle fever
Canyon Lands Aint no mountain high enough
Zones 4 and 5 Who rides the wrecking ball


Cheat mode (Collector's Edition)

Go to "Players", and then "Cheats". Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Fire Mines Firelines
Anti-matter Cannon Pure Pwnage


Chain gun

To get the Chain gun early, go to the training level and follow the instructions until you get to the ladder. Look to your left. You should see a wall. If you shoot the wall it will break. Keep shooting until it will not break anymore. The Chain gun will be there. If you have already unlocked the Chain gun, you will just find an ammo drop.


  • Enable the up up down down left right left right b a select start code, then go to the Training Zone. Hold [Left Shift] + [Space] + E until you see Timebreak. Next, switch your weapon to the A-Boom Launcher. Hold [Left Shift] and shoot 25 rounds of the A-Boom in an arc around you. Then, release [Left Shift]. As soon as the first A-Boom hits something, the entire screen will start shaking non-stop for 47 seconds. You get an even longer earthquake when you use the BlackHoleGenerator. Note: If you choose to use the BlackHoleGenerator instead of the A-Boom Launcher, it takes about 475 seconds (about 8 minutes) to set it up. However if you use the A-Boom Launcher, it takes about 95 seconds (about 1 minute and 35 seconds) to set it up.
  • In Training Zone, go to a hole. Hold [Shift] + [Space] and press E to Time Break. Release [Space] but keep [Shift] held. Switch to the A-Boom Launcher and fire a few rounds around yourself. Make sure the bombs do not go out of the hole (the more bombs the better). Then, release [Shift] for a nice long earthquake.


In order to unlock the FlakCannon you must go to the training area. Then go to where you can shoot the targets. Go into top of that "tower" and use Time Distort (everything slows down). Do a Hyper Jump to the platform where that gun is located.


  • In level 2-2, walk right on the screen after the first metal bridge. You will go up an incline. Once at the top, there is a stump. Jump it and there will be another. Hold [Modify] and crouch to fall, then shoot to the right to unlock the Googun.
  • In level 2-2, go to the right side of the area. Go past two of the ground robots to the left. Past the second robot on the left is a small green area of ground on the wood. Go past that. There is a straight ground with a slope on the left. Where it is straight, hold [Modify] + [Crouch] until you go under it. Once there, shoot the entire right wall until it opens to go to the other side. Go through there. You will see a weapon on the other side of the next right wall. Shoot the wall until you can collect the gun. To get back up, go to where you jumped down and hold [Modify] + [Jump].


  • In training mode, hold [Space] and switch to Timebreak mode. Hold [Shift] and start out with the pistol. While holding [Shift], shoot a horseshoe shape around your body, sort of like a forcefield, with all the bullets. Continue holding [Shift] and switch to every weapon and do this until you get to the railgun. Release [Shift] and enjoy.
  • Enable the call in artillery code and go to training mode. Change your weapon until you get to Air Strike. Hold [Modify] (default is [Space]) and switch to Time Rift. While holding [Shift] hold the Left Mouse Button. (Screenshot)

Soundwave gun

On level 3-3, go to the second metal bridge and use [Modify] (button can be found in pause menu, which is P). Do it again and you will land on a third bridge very low down. Shoot to the right as far as you can go, then shoot up. You will find the Soundwave gun.

Spark Plug gun

In level 1-3 there is a bridge. Hold [Modify] (default is [Space]) and [Down] on the right side of the bridge. You will drop down. Then, use any weapon on the right side of where you dropped down to break the five sections of the wall to unlock the Spark Plug gun.

Machine gun ammunition

Finish off any enemy during a hyperjump with any weapon. You will automatically receive machine gun ammunition.

Sound barrier

To make a sonic boom around your body hold [Modify] and press Q until you get to time break. Then, use the Sound Wave gun and shoot a circle around your body while holding [Shift]. For this to work, the circle must be completely around your body. Then, release [Shift]. (Screenshot)

Extra weapons

In levels 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3, you can get a machine gun and/or machine gun ammo clip from every heli you destroy. Get the heli down to enough health, so that it will only require one grenade to kill it. Use Hyper Jump (hold [Modify] and press [Jump]) to get very close to the heli. You must be close enough to touch it. Use a grenade to finish it off. The heli will drop a machine gun clip with only 25 ammo in it. Note: This will not effect any of the weapons that the helis usually drop; every other time you use this trick you will get two items.

Saving weapons

Do not use the guns that fall of helicopters until you are in levels 4-4 or 4-5. This is because near the end level there are big helicopters to take down.

Training level: Get flak cannon ammo

Go to the area where you have to shoot the robot holograms. Get on top of the highest column and do a hyper jump to the left while holding [Crouch] just before the platform in the air.

Level 2-2: Hiding location

In one of the grass levels (level 2-2), you can go under the hangout if you press [Space]. You can then hide from the enemy. If you jump up onto the bridge above, you cannot go straight down. You must walk over.

Create a orange cloud using the flamethrower

Go to the training room. Select the flamethrower weapon. Shift through the different times (timebreak, etc.) and at the same time fire the weapon, You should see a cloud shape forming. This is useful when taking down copters.

Ultimate explosion

Hold [Spacebar] and press E or Q until you get to Timebreak mode. Then, hold [Left Shift] and, starting on pistol, fire every gun around you (apart from the knife. Do not release [Left Shift] until you are finished. Once you have fired every gun, release [Left Shift] and watch an ultimate explosion.

Big Black Hole

Enable the "All Weapons" code, then go to the training area where the targets are located. Press E or Q until you get to the Black Hole Generator, then press [Space] E until you get to Time Break. Then press E or Q until you get to the flamethrower. Hold [Shift] and fire four Black Holes close to each other. Make a ring of fire around your body with the flamethrower, then release [Shift].


Enable the "All Weapons" code. Go to the training level. Then, hold [Shift] and press Q until you get to "TimeBreak". Now hold down [Left Shift]. While doing this, select the air-strike weapon and use it as many times as desired (five is recommended for slow computers). Make sure you are still holding [Left Shift]. Release [Shift] and wait until bombs rain down from the sky.

Special effect

Enable the "All weapons" code. Go to the training level. Find any clear space that has no walls nearby, and select the Bladerang. Hold [Left Shift] + [Space] + E until you see Timebreak. Hold [Left Shift] and shoot as many rounds as desired around your body. When you are done, release [Left Shift] and watch.


Automatic attack

Hold the Left Mouse Button, then, drag it outside the game (for example, to your toolbar or something else). Bring it back into the game and release the Left Mouse Button. To stop this, click anywhere in the game.