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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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All Star: Finished 500 missions.
Apprentice: Finished 50 missions.
Big Harvest: Harvested 10 crystals.
Big Spender: Spend 25 hero credits.
Bright: Acquired 5 powers.
Charming: Add 50 friends.
Crystal Farmer: Harvested 50 crystals.
Crystal King: Harvested 500 crystals.
Crystal Monger: Harvested 200 crystals.
Fighter: Wono 10 battles.
Filthy Rich: Spent 500,000 coins in the store.
First Harvest: Harvested 1 crystal.
First Outfit: Purchased 1 full outfit.
Flamboyant Victory: Defeated Flamberella.
Friendly: Have 5 friends.
Hero Power: Max out 1 power.
Heroic Spender: Spend 50 hero credits.
Ingenious: Acquired 10 powers.
Invincible: Won 100 battles.
Maximum Power: Max out 20 powers.
Miraculous Victory: Defeated Miraculo.
Newbie: Finished 5 missions.
Shopaholic: Spent 5,000 coins in the store.
Shopper: Spent 500 coins in the store.
Social: Have 20 friends.
Spending Credits: Spend 5 hero credits.
Suited Up: Purchase 10 full outfits.
Super Power: Max out 10 powers.
Talented: Acquired 20 powers.
Tutorial: Completed the tutorial.
Valiant Victory: Defeated Velcron.
Very popular: Add 100 friends.
Veteran: Finished 100 missions.
Warrior: Won 50 battles.
Wealthy: Spent 50,000 coins in the store.
Well Dressed: Purchase 25 full outfits.
Winner: Won a battle.