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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Cluster Buster: Create 25 combos.
Collapse Master: Get a total of 5,000 combos from all games.
Flower Child: Create a Flower.
Oyster-Meister: Create a Black Pearl.
Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah: Create a Black Pearl Flower.
Big Cheese Of The South Seas: Create a Black Pearl Cluster.
Star Gazer: Create a Cluster of bonus stars.
Hexic Addict: Play 100 games.
Marathon Mogul: Earn 150,000 points in Marathon mode.
Tick-Tock Doc: Earn 75,000 points in Timed mode.
Millionaire Extraordinaire: Earn a total of 1,000,000 points from all games.
Survivalist: Complete Survival mode.


Easy "Flower Child" achievement

To get the Xbox Live Achievement of "Flower Child", you must form a flower cluster. The easiest way to do this is the wait until you see a partially formed one (four or five pieces of the flower already together). Then, just drop in the last piece and you will have created a flower. Flowers are worth alot of points. Whenever you get the chance to make one, do so. Note: Do not destroy anything beneath a partially formed flower, or the flower will break apart.
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Easy "Hexic Addict" achievement

To easily get the Xbox Live Achievement of "Hexic Addict" or "Complete 100 games of Hexic" go to Time mode and start a game under the normal difficulty setting. You must get at least one cluster for the clock to start. Do so, and wait for the time (50 seconds) to run out. This counts as a full game. You can do this as many times as needed to get the "Hexic Addict" achievement.

Easy "Star Gazer" achievement

To get the Xbox Live Achievement of "Star Gazer", you must form a star cluster. This is very easy. Look for a partially formed star cluster (two pieces) and just drop the last star piece in whenever one gets close enough to the cluster. Also, the pieces in a star cluster do not need to be the same color; they just need to be star pieces. Forming a star cluster also gives you a lot of points and usually gives you a large combo. Note: Do not destroy anything beneath a partially formed star cluster, or the star cluster will break apart.