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Hospital. 6-nin no Ishi

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This game is titled Trauma Team in North America and Europe, and Hospital. 6-nin no Ishi in Japan.


Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Doctor Medals", "Extra", and "Specialist Difficulty" options.

Patient Zero storyline

Successfully complete the six starting storylines.

Star icon for saved game

Earn all medals. Note: This will also unlock RONI's voice clip.

Voice clips

The following clips are unlocked during game play.

Esha Patel: Wow that's amazing! I didn't expect you to be this great.
Theodore Gacy: Heh ha ha, that's one hell of a spare you got there. What can I do to get you working for me?
David Wayne: Marvelous. Have you ever considered about studying forensic medicine.
Jacob Tillman: Hmmm. Not bad youngster, you've done your country a great service.
Hanzou Kanadamaru: Remarkable, perhaps you sould turn your eye to the art of shinobi next.
Claire Blunt: Huh. That's amazing doctor, I'll bring you some leftovers the next time I make some.
Joshua Cunningham: Wow. You're amazing doctor! I wanna be just like you someday.
Yoshikage Tachibana: Hnngh such brilliance, by the way, have you ever considered marriage?
Ian Holden: I see very impressive! I'll make sure to tell HQ about your talents.
Darnell Sellers: That's amazing! None of the medical students are like you.
Emma Wilson: Wow! you're awesome! I really wish I knew what makes you tick.
FBI Agent (Little Guy): Amazing! With you around the organisation's gonna be- Uh... never mind.
Alyssa Breslin: Wwwwwoooow. Did you earn all these doctor? Can you teach me how you did it?
Gabriel Cunningham: Not bad, not bad at all! Hey, how woud you like to work for us?
Hank Freebird: Hmm astounding! You seem to have the talents and the passion to become a doctor.
Tomoe Tachibana: You're skills are amazing. I'd love to talk to you about them sometime.
Maria Torres: Hmmph you're pretty damn good! Are you one of those medical whiz kids too?
Naomi Kimishima: Excellent. You should be proud of your achievements.
CR-S01: I see. One day you may be called a master of medicine.
Rosalia Rossellini: Amazing! Me... my dad. You might be able to.
Albert Sartre: Truly fantastic. I'd like to think of you as my own child.
RONI: Performance succeeds measurement capacity. I calculate a 45% that chance you are not fully human.

Doctor medals

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.

Medal 1: In the Waking Terror operation, extract Wermer's Syndrome tumors without locking onto shadows.
Medal 2: Extract wires without using the ultrasound in all operations.
Medal 3: Treat every instance of fibrillation with a single use of the defibrillator in all operations.
Medal 4: Get a 100% Cool rating on a surgery operation.
Medal 5: In the Stolen Memories operation. Finish the operation before the black bruise moves 4 times.
Medal 6: In the Twisted Rosalia operation, finish the operation without the maximum vitals dropping.
Medal 7: In the History of Fear operation, treat the I-beam before treating anything else.
Medal 8: Earn an "XS" rank on all surgery operations.
Gabriel Cunningham
Medal 1: In the Blazing Darkness mission, find an exam result of 777.
Medal 2: In the Signs of Anguish mission, listen to hunger sounds while using the stethoscope.
Medal 3: In the Moving Heart mission, find the atrophied kidney in the CT exam.
Medal 4: In the Moving Heart mission, find the break in wavelength during the EKG exam.
Medal 5: In the Simplest Truth mission, find the thin layer of fat during the CT exam.
Medal 6: In the Blazing Darkness mission, find the static-filled image during the heart ultrasound exam.
Medal 7: In the Simplest Truth mission, find the deep sulcus in the MRI exam.
Medal 8: In the Proud One mission, find the thick layer of muscle during the CT exam.
Hank Freebird
Medal 1: Complete an operation without stopping with the scalpel partway.
Medal 2: Cut out a synthetic bone without stopping partway.
Medal 3: Complete an operation without stopping with the saw partway.
Medal 4: Get a "Cool" rank using the drill without stopping partway.
Medal 5: Get a 100% "Cool" rank on an operation.
Medal 6: Get a chain count of over 10,000 points.
Medal 7: In the Spreading Infection operation, get a "Cool" rank while shaving a bone within 1 second.
Medal 8: Get an "XS" rank on all orthopedic operations.
Maria Torres
Medal 1: Hear all TALK conversations on all first response operations.
Medal 2: In the Desperate Rescue operations, do not let any patient die on all first response treatments.
Medal 3: In the Maximum Annoyance operation, do not switch victims until the I-beam is cut.
Medal 4: Finish an operation without using stabilizer.
Medal 5: Do not let any patient die in all first response operations.
Medal 6: Finish an operation in 60 seconds.
Medal 7: In the Missing Girl operation. Finish the operation without using immunoglobulin reagent.
Medal 8: Get an "XS" rank on all first response operations.
Naomi Kimishima
Medal 1: In the Locked-Room Mystery mission, complete the autopsy quiz in Dennis Taylor's room.
Medal 2: In the Wandering Girl mission, complete the surgery medal challenge in Veronica Cage's room.
Medal 3: In the Wandering Girl mission, complete the diagnosis quiz at the highway.
Medal 4: In the Behind the Lies mission, complete the first response quiz in Alma Parker's house.
Medal 5: In the Crime of Passion mission, complete the endoscopy operation in Stephen Eldred's room.
Medal 6: In the Seeking Atonement mission, complete the orthopedic quiz in Sandra Lieberman's room.
Medal 7: In the Blue Carpet of Death mission, complete the mystery quiz in Albert's lab.
Medal 8: In the Blue Carpet of Death mission, complete the general quiz in the field of flowers.
Tomoe Tachibana
Medal 1: Complete an operation without auto-retracting.
Medal 2: Complete an operation without running into walls.
Medal 3: Complete an operation without using stabilizer.
Medal 4: In the Resolution operation, discover all victims in 120 seconds.
Medal 5: In the Chloe's Change operation, extract all foreign objects from the patient within 360 seconds.
Medal 6: In the Time for Rejoicing operation, do not let the patient's vitals go below 30.
Medal 7: In the Healing Warrior operation, do not let the victim hemorrhage more than 9 times.
Medal 8: Get an "XS" rank on all endoscopic operations.




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