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Hot Dog Down A Hallway

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Burn the Sheets (25 points): Get killed by a crab, die any other way, then get killed by a crab again.
Cant Get it Up (10 points): Launch the hot dog with minimum power.
Can’t Feel the Sides (50 points): Fly through the air for 200 feet.
Don’t Do Anything Rash (10 points): Use the glove to protect yourself from the crab.
Double Bag it (10 points): Hit a floating glove while already wearing another glove.
First Base (10 points): Die after a single bounce.
Flying at Half Mast(50 points): Fly over 500 feet in a single launch.
Get Blown (5 points): Use a fan to get extra air.
Go For a Spin (5 points): Ride a chandelier to gain speed.
Going the Distance (100 points): Fly over 1000 feet in a single launch.
Jackhammer (50 points): Bounce a grand total of 250 times.
Just Grab it (10 points): Ride a chandelier with gloves on.
Lice, Lice, Baby (25 points): Get killed by a crab in three consecutive bounces.
Like a Rabbit (100 points): Bounce a grand total of 1000 times.
Mile High Club (150 points): Accumulate over 50,000 feet in launch distance.
Money Shot (10 points): Launch the hot dog with max power.
Quick Draw McGraw (10 points): Die before your first bounce.
Refractory Period (25 points): Wait 60 seconds before launches.
Scratching Won’t Help (5 points): Get killed by a crab.
Second Base (10 points): Die After two bounces.
Sit and Spin (50 points): Spin your hot dog 360 degrees, uninterrupted.
Third Base (10 points): Die after bouncing three times.
Watch the Teeth (5 points): Get chopped up by a fan.
Well Hung (15 points): Ride 5 chandeliers in one launch.