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Karma points

Every player starts with 10 Karma points. When the sponsor you selected when you started the game reaches riding level 8, you will earn a Karma point.
howrse lover

Getting Passes and Equus

  • New Breeders (less than 2 Karma): Do not use Black Market items on your first horse, because it will have low GP and skills. Save Equus and Passes and wait until you can access the Private Sales. Sell dung and extra apples. Train your horses as much as possible.
  • Average Breeders (3 to 5 Karma): You can now access Private Sales. Use the Passes and Equus you have saved and buy the top GP best mare and/or stallion available. Breed with the highest GP studs using only 100 BLUP parents, and always breed with tears. Sell your foals for Equus and Passes. Train your mares and studs to 100 BLUP fully bolded skills and sell them for Passes and Equus.
  • Older Breeders (over 5 Karma): You should have a few Passes and lots of Equus to use. Get a breeding partner to make things easier. Decide on a breed. Concentrate on breeding the top GP and skills for that breed. Use only 100 BLUP parents and tears when breeding. Either sell foals for 1 to 5 Passes or train and skill them as mares or studs for 3 to 10 Passes and Equus.

Riding level 1 quiz

The answers for the Riding level 1 quiz are as follows.

1. What is an adult female horse called?
  • A mare
2. When Ulysses built the Trojan horse, what material did he choose?
  • Wood
3. What is horses' favorite drink?
  • Water
4. What famous film has Robert Redford acting as a horse whisperer?
  • The Horse Whisperer
5. Can horses vomit?
  • False
6. When it's very cold outside, horses prefer to sleep?
  • In the warmth, in its box
7. How was Pegasus born?
  • Medusa's blood
8. Can you mount a horse without a saddle?
  • Yes
9. With what brushes can I clean my horse?
  • A hard brush, a curry-comb
10. Is the sea-horse a cousin of the horse?
  • False
11. What class do horses belong to?
  • Mammals
12. Horses never get sick?
  • False
13. What color was Henry IV's white horse?
  • White
14. Which one of these foods do horses not like?
  • Straw
15. Out of these magnificent animals, which ones have a horse's body?
  • The hippogriff
  • The unicorn
16. What is a castrated horse called?
  • A gelding
17. When I take my horse out of the meadow, I use?
  • A tether
18. A hippy is?
  • Someone who refuses the social and cultural values of the consumer society
19. What noise do horses make?
  • Neighing
20. Out of these coats, which one doesn't exist?
  • Rainbow
  • Blueish

Easy money

  • Do the following with your horses every day. Have two lessons. Train it as much as possible. Stay in the meadow until 20:00. Feed, Water, Carrot, Groom, and 2 Strokes. If its energy goes below 20%, use a Turnip.
    ovirhi iea aawga, y
  • If you visit all of your horses you can get about 2 or 3 aging points a day. These can be sold at the market for 150 Equus.