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Hydrophobia Prophecy (PlayStation3)

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Walkthrough (PC)


Easy "Chain Gang" achievement or trophy

Kill two or more Malthusians enemies at the same time using one explosive gel bullet to hit a barrel, fuse box, or another environmental hazard. Because the explosion's blast radius is small, the Malthusians must be grouped close together. There is an opportunity to get those kills in the room just after you get the explosive gel bullet. It has three Malthusians and several barrels inside.
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Easy "Swept Off Their Feet" achievement or trophy

  • Wait until a Malthusian is positioned in front of a glass window that has a lot of water behind it. Then, shoot out the glass. The water must be above head level in order to sweep them away.
  • Enter the challenge room as well and use the water power obtained during Act 3. Sweep them off their feet without lifting them in the water. Note: The Poseidon medal helps.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Survivor (Silver): Completed the game.
Honour (Bronze): Collected 50% of the medals.
Private Eye (Gold): Collected all documents and objects.
Celebrated (Silver): Collected all the medals.
Challenged (Silver): Completed the Challenge Room.
Tinker (Bronze): Completed a hack.
Swept Off Their Feet (Bronze): Swept 3 Malthusians off their feet with water.
Vengeance (Bronze): Killed 5 Mathusians with fire or electricity.
Chain Gang (Bronze): Killed 2 Malthusians within a timed chain attack.
My Hero (Bronze): Saved Chief Billingham.
Davy Jones' Locker (Bronze): Neutralized 10 Malthusians in underwater combat.
Drowned (Bronze): Drowned a Malthusian.


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