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Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2

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This game is titled Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 in North America and Europe and Chou Jigen Game Neptune Mk-2 in Japan.




Easy "Delphinus Wrecked" trophy

Created by FrankNStein.


North American version

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Neptunia Master System mk2 (Platinum): It's in your blood...a new strain of Neptunia!
Nepgear: Engage! (Bronze): Started up a new game in Gamindustri.
Gamindustri Graveyard (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
CPUs, Bound and Gagged (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
HDD Force Start (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
Dogootastic! (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
The Big CPU Gig (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
Histoire's Nostalgia (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
CPUs, Unbound and Free (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
Obligatory Hot Spring Event (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
LAN Party! (Bronze): View a certain CG Image.
C-C-C-Combo Attack (Bronze): Created your own combo.
It Ain't Alchemy (Bronze): Developed an item.
Lastation's CPU Candidate (Bronze): Met Uni.
Lowee's CPU Candidates (Bronze): Met Rom and Ram.
Nep-Nep's Back (Bronze): Neptune joined the party.
Vert's Return (Bronze): Vert joined the party.
Noire's Revenge (Bronze): Noire joined the party.
Blanc's Vengeance (Bronze): Blanc joined the party.
Gamindustri's Heroine (Bronze): Nisa joined the party.
Gamindustri's Alchemist (Bronze): Gust joined the party.
Gamindustri's Pop Idol (Bronze): 5pb. joined the party.
IF's Rehab Clinic (Bronze): Performed battle for the first time in years.
Evil's Nemesis (Bronze): Fought 100 battles.
Battle Master (Bronze): Fought 500 battles.

Additionally there are twenty two secret trophies.

Nepgear mk2 (Bronze): Nepgear's abilities enhanced.
Uni mk2 (Bronze): Uni's abilities enhanced.
Rom mk2 and Ram mk2 (Bronze): Rom's and Ram's abilities enhanced.
CFW Judge, Judged (Bronze): Defeated CFW Judge.
CFW Brave, Humbled (Bronze): Defeated CFW Brave.
CFW Trick, Tricked (Bronze): Defeated CFW Trick.
CFW Magic, Poofed (Bronze): Defeated CFW Magic.
Planeptune Rescue (Bronze): Regained Planeptune after its capture.
Caelus (Bronze): Met with Caelus.
The CPU's Curse (Bronze): Obtained the cursed sword of legend.
Combo Champion (Bronze): Achieved an 80-hit original combo.
Take Off, Every CPU! (Bronze): Dealt over 100,000 damage.
Freshly Grinded Girls (Silver): Everyone reached level 99.
Normal Ending (Silver): Saw the normal ending.
Human Ending (Silver): Saw the human ending.
Planeptune Forever (Silver): Saw the Planeptune ending.
Leanbox Lover (Silver): Saw the Leanbox ending.
Lastation Training (Silver): Saw the Lastation ending.
Lowee's Readership (Silver): Saw the Lowee ending.
Delphinus Wrecked (Gold): Defeated the secret boss, Delphinus.
The Blood of Many... (Gold): Finished the Conquest ending route.
Happily Ever After (Gold): Viewed the True ending.

Japanese version

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Ultimate Neptune Mk2 Master (Platinum): Acquired all trophies.
Nepgear Start (Bronze): Started the game.
Grave of the industry (Bronze): Watched the event 'Grave of the industry',
Trapped Goddess (Bronze): Watched the event 'Trapped Goddess',
Goddess-ize (Bronze): Watched the event 'Trapped Goddess',
PeroPero (Bronze): Watched the event 'PeroPero',
Live Stage (Bronze): Watched the event 'Live Stage',
The fateful encounter (Bronze): Watched the event 'Encounter with Histoire',
Rescue the Goddess (Bronze): Watched the event 'Rescue the Goddess',
Hot Spring (Bronze): Watched the event 'Hot Spring',
Let's play games (Bronze): Watched the event 'Let's play games',
Chain original combo (Bronze): Chained your original combo.
Create Items (Bronze): Created items.
Candidates of Lastation Goddess (Bronze): Encountered with Uni.
Candidates of Luwian Goddess (Bronze): Encountered with Rom and Ram.
Neptune (Bronze): Neptune joined your party.
Vert (Bronze): Vert joined your party.
Noire (Bronze): Noire joined your party.
Blanc (Bronze): Blanc joined your party.
Nippon Ichi chan (Bronze): Nippon Ichi chan joined your party.
GUST chan (Bronze): GUST chan joined your party.
5pb. chan (Bronze): 5bp chan joined your party.
Rehabilitation (Bronze): Fought your first battle.
Hard-bitten (Bronze): Fought over 100 battles.
Battle Master (Bronze): Fought over 500 battles.

Additionally there are twenty two secret trophies.

Nepgear Version Up (Bronze): Nepgear upgraded.
Uni Version Up (Bronze): Uni upgraded
Rom and Ram Version Up (Bronze): Rom and Ram upgraded
Judge the Hard (Bronze): Beat Judge the Hard.
Brave the Hard (Bronze): Beat Brave the Hard.
Trick the Hard (Bronze): Beat Trick the Hard.
Magic the Hard (Bronze): Beat Magic the Hard.
Release Planeptune (Bronze): Released Planeputune.
Uranus (Bronze): Encountered with Uranus.
Magic Sword (Bronze): Obtained the Magic sword.
Chain the combo (Bronze): Chained 80+ original combo.
Maximum Power (Bronze): Dealt maximum 100000+ damage.
Counter Stop (Silver): All characters reached level 99.
Normal Ending (Silver): Watched the Normal Ending.
Makers Ending (Silver): Watched the 'Makers' Ending.
Planeptune Ending (Silver): Watched the 'Planeptune' Ending.
Leanbox Ending (Silver): Watched the 'Leanbox' Ending.
Lastation Ending (Silver): Watched the 'Lastation' Ending.
Lowee Ending (Silver): Watched the 'Lowee' Ending.
Delphinus (Gold): Beat Delphinus.
Ruling Ending (Gold): Watched the 'Ruling' Ending.
True Ending (Gold): Watched the True Ending.


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