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Import Tuner Challenge

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This game is titled Import Tuner Challenge in North America, Europe, and Australia and Shutokou Battle X in Japan.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Bloodhound (10 points): Defeat Bloodhound.
Midnight Cinderella (10 points): Defeat Midnight Cinderella.
Platinum Prince (10 points): Defeat Platinum Prince.
Garnet Dawn (20 points): Defeat Garnet Dawn.
Silent Cassiopeia (20 points): Defeat Silent Cassiopeia.
Azure Sniper (20 points): Defeat Azure Sniper.
Inside C1 Time Attack (40 points): Race the C1 inside within 5'00"000 in Time Attack.
Outside C1Time Attack (40 points): Race the C1 outside within 5'00"000 in Time Attack.
Left Shinkanjo Time Attack (40 points): Race the Shinkanjo counter clockwise within 6'00"000 in Time Attack.
Right Shinkanjo Time Attack (40 points): Race the Shinkanjo clockwise within 6'00"000 in Time Attack.
#3 Shibuya Time Attack (40 points): Race the Shibuya 3 within 3'30"000 in Time Attack.
#4 Shinjuku Time Attack (40 points): Race the Shinjuku 4 within 6'00"000 in Time Attack.
All left Time Attacks (40 points): Race the All counter clockwise within 16'30"000 in Time Attack.
All right Time Attacks (40 points): Race the All clockwise within 16'30"000 in Time Attack.
First Xbox Live Race (10 points): Win an Xbox Live Race.
Win 10 Xbox Live Races (20 points): Win 10 Xbox Live Races.
Win 50 Xbox Live Races (50 points): Win 50 Xbox Live Races.
Win 100 Xbox Live Races (100 points): Win 100 Xbox Live Races.

Additionally, there are nine secret achievements.
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Skull Bullet (30 points): Defeated Skull Bullet.
Phantom9 Member (50 points): Defeated a Phantom 9 member.
Snake Eyes (50 points): Defeated Snake eyes.
Crimson Devil (30 points): Defeated Crimson Devil.
Melancholy Angel (30 points): Defeated Melancholy Angel.
D3 (30 points): Defeated D3.
White Charisma (30 points): Defeated White Charisma.
King Speed (60 points): Defeated King Speed.
??? (100 points): Defeated ???.


Night Wanderer requirements

310 Garage Harou: Fully tuned car.
311 Lonely Wolf: 100 Races Battles.
312 Kamikaze Koji: Every 3 three days.
313 Imortal Jester: Only on Wednesday amd you must have vinyl.
322 Hopeless Home: Enter on Shibuya Entrance more than three times.
323 Impatient Eternity: Only on Mondays.
324 Impatient Pricess: Cannot travel more than 3 miles for the day.
332 Ignorant Fool: Custom car.
333 Wild Heart: 100+ wins.
334 Lonely Wilhilist: Ariake Entrance Course in.
335 Masked Stranger: Vertical doors.
344 Wolf's Requiem: Unmodified car.
345 Mosquito Lemon: Sell two cars.
346 Iron Racer: Turn music off.
354 Speeding Fanfare: Own three cars.
355 Dog Ears: NA Car only.
360 Gold License: Defeat Yellow Desperado (#317).
361 Caffiene X 3: Appears on any day with a number "3" and your car plate must be "3333".
366 Tragic Matterhorn: Z cars only.
367 Tomorrow Again: S Class muffler.
371 West Shinjuku Assembler: Must add "meters" to your vehicle.
372 Matashichi the First: Defeat "Phantom 9".

Midnight Wanderer requirements

314 Silent Barbarian: 4 Door Luxury Sedan Only.
315 Rolling Master: Custom Car "Rolling Guy 1".
316 Master Position: Defeat "Cat X Cat".
317 Yellow Desperado: Odometer less than 124 miles.
325 Iron Triangle: Multiples of 5 must drive Mitsubishi.
326 Shepard Nekozawa: Pass him three times.
327 Rassbery Kiss: Carbon Fiber Hood on.
328 Craftsman Manabe: Only on Tuesdays and have customized aero.
336 Critical Elegy: Ride height all the way down.
337 Jet Skater: Multiples of 4 and have Nitro.
338 Mad Fat: 90 days or more.
339 Ono The Technician: Battles no longer than 2 minutes overall.
347 King Of Eden: Must drive RX-8 with less than 62 miles.
348 Loyal Knight: Battle cars with over 621 miles on it.
349 Gental Rain: Must have S class Body Tune.
350 Last Flight: He likes to battle where the race is as short as possible.
356 Fleetfoot Valkyrie: Must have gone over 186 mph in a race.
357 Death Driver: Appears on the C1 at Midnight and must read quote about him in PA.
362 Inferno Machine: Must have 10 Million CP.
363 Waist Hakujin: Own 5 cars.
368 Fire Storm Streamer: Normal tires.
373 Matashichi the Second: Defeat Matashichi the First (#372).

Daybreak Wanderer requirements

318 Tsukkomi Breaker: Must have neon and have defeated "Plantinum Prince".
319 Cutie Hip: No rear spoiler.
320 Bloody Mary: Change the horn.
321 Shonan Affair: Only on Thursdays, must drive a Rotary.
329 Midnight Silver Wolf: Appears every 10 days, must drive a pre 90's car.
330 Shimokitazawa 2000cc: Appears on weekends and have driven 20 miles that day.
331 Illusion B: Have customized tail lights.
340 Tsujikiri Gambler: Appear when the sum of the day's number equals 9.
341 Green Wild Child: Must drive a Subaru.
342 Unbalanced Ishii: Use different type of wheels for the front and rear.
343 Free Tree: Normal muffler only.
351 Panal Bomber: Must have at least 400 hp.
352 Crybaby: Turbo cars only.
353 Stalking Hammer: Must have two of the same car.
358 Speed Coaster: Must average 100 mph in a race.
359 Jump Start Maki: No NOS.
364 Dauntless Alexander: Must have three consecutive wins. He will be near Rainbow Bridge.
365 Speed Box: Defeat "Phantom Babe" of Top Level (#223) to make him appear.
369 Shinji The Harbinger: Steps in when "Bright Age" is in trouble.
370 Bright Age: Must course in at least "Shibuya Line" Area for a week.
374 Free Maebashi: Looks for "The Bone" sticker.
375 Punchline Hiranishi: If "Free Maebashi" (#374) loses he will show up afterwards.


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