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Infinity Blade

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Bloodline -1

Restart from Bloodline 1. Intentionally lose to the Dark Knight during the tutorial, then select "Save" and "Restart Castle". Bloodline -1 will begin. Note: You can now also purchase Dark Mech gear.

New Game + and Next Bloodline

Unlock the Infinity Blade, then go to the bottom of the castle and unlock three doors. Defeat the high level monster behind each of the doors. A bigger door will now be unlocked. Defeat the level 300 robot behind it, and then the next enemy. Two buttons will appear, "New Game +" and "Next Bloodline". The New Game + option restarts you at Bloodline 1 and takes away all items, however you will retain your player level and stats and have new items in the store.

Infinity Blade

Defeat the God King to unlock the Infinity Blade at the store. It has a +200 damage stat.

Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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1 million dollars!: Acquire 1,000,000 gold pieces.
A Reed in the Wind: Perform 50 Parries.
All good things...: Get the final ending of the game.
All Right, Little Man: Perform a Combo Attack.
Artful Dodger: Dodge 100 times.
Back In My Day: Complete 5 Bloodlines.
Bag of Holding: Increase your inventory by at least 50 items.
Brick Wall: Block 100 attacks.
Cinderblock: Block 10 attacks.
Contender: Win 10 matches in Arena Multiplayer
Delved Too Deeply: Reach Bloodline -10
Ding!: Reach level 5.
Don't back down: Win a battle without dodging or blocking
En Garde!: Perform 10 Parries.
Epic!: Perform 1,000 Parries.
Eye of the tiger: Survive 20 Arena rounds in Survivor mode
Fists of Fury: Perform a five-hit combo.
Four on the Floor: Perform a four-hit combo.
Full of Holes: Perform 5 Stab Attacks.
Hardly Working: Acquire 25,000 gold pieces.
Higher and higher: Reach level 45
How'd you do that: Reach Bloodline -1
If Ya Got It, Use It: Master an inventory item.
Inconceivable!: Defeat an enemy without taking any damage.
Insult to Injury: Kill the God King with Ruin (the weakest sword)
Intimately Familiar: Master 50 inventory items.
Its Own Reward: Acquire 100,000 gold pieces.
Jackpot!: Open 100 treasure chests.
Keeps on giving: Master any inventory item twice.
Knight destroyer: Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Titan
Last One Standing: Fight ten enemies in a single playthrough.
Level un-capped: Reach level 100
Like Dustin' Crops: Reach level 20.
Like Swiss Cheese: Perform 100 Stab Attacks.
Master of Disaster: Master 10 inventory items.
Master your domain: Defeat all the Deathless.
Minuteman: Defeat an enemy in under 60 seconds.
My preciouses: Increase your inventory to at least 100 items.
New game plus: Start a new game plus.
No, THIS Is Sparta: Perform 50 Super Attacks.
Not in Kansas: Get the alternate ending in the game(select God King during battle with him)
Now Stay Down!: Defeat the God-King.
Now THIS Happens: Perform 50 Combo Attacks.
Only What Ya See: Purchase an inventory item.
Payday!: Open 5 treasure chests.
Pen is mightier: Win a battle without swinging your sword.
Playing with friends: Complete 5 matches in Arena Multiplayer
Prodigal Son: Complete 1 Bloodline.
Roger Dodger: Dodge 10 times.
Skips a Generation: Complete 2 Bloodlines.
Survivor: Survive 5 Arena rounds in Survivor mode
The Bigger They Are: Perform 200 Combo Attacks.
The Harder They Fall: Perform 1,000 Combo Attacks.
There Is No Try: Reach level 10.
This Is On A Phone!: Complete 20 Bloodlines.
Titan destroyer: Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Knight
Variety is the Spice: Do each type of Combo in the same battle.
Warriors Only: Perform a Super Attack.
Waste Not Want Not: Find all world treasures in a play-through.
Well-Equipped: Increase your inventory by at least 10 items.
Wizard!: Cast a magic spell.
Working Hard: Acquire 1,000 gold pieces.
You Got the Touch: Perform 200 Parries.
You Shall Not Pass!: Cast 100 magic spells.


Easy money

  • Have most of the following swords or hammers: Gelder, Halfstar, Infinity Blade, Thistle, Ricochet, and Imperial. Then, use the following steps.
1. Reset the Rebirth.
2. Play through the 1st Rebirth as usual.
3. Play through the 2nd Rebirth, until you get to the point after the location with the big dragon statue in the middle, where you must chose to go right or left. Chose the left path.
4. Defeat the enemy in the room with all the sealed doors.
5. Unlock as many of the doors as you can and collect the items inside.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 4.
7. All the doors will be locked again with the items respawned inside. Unlock the doors again and collect the items.
8. Enter the store and sell all the extra items.
9. Repeat this process as many times as desired.
  • Use these steps after you can defeat the God King.
1. Enter the "Options" menu during game play and select "Restart to Bloodline 1".
2: Lose to the God King and wait until you say, "Father, I will avenge you".
3. Get to the God King as fast as possible, skipping chests and fights.
4. You will reach a door where you can go forward or to the right. Click the door and enter it.
5. Defeat the last enemies and reach the God King.
6. Defeat the God King.
7. You will receive between 8,000 and 11,000 gold as well as an item.
8. Sell all the items you have duplicates of.
9. Repeat the process until you lose to the God King. Once you are Bloodline 10, fight as many monsters to get between 2,000 and 6,000 gold.


Restart battle against God King or Mech-Zero

  • When you are about to die while fighting the God King or Mech-Zero, tap "Menu", then "Arena Mode", then "Survival", then "Ready", then "Menu", and finally "Quit Arena". If done correctly you will be able to begin the fight again without starting another bloodline.
  • You can also use the following commands to restart the fight: Tap "Menu", "Option Menu", choose the character slot, select a character and tap "Start" to play with it. After you start playing with the other data, return to the character previous slot where you almost lost. Your knight should be ready to fight again.
  • You can also restart without another bloodline by pressing Home twice before your death animation ends, then holding the Infinity Blade app icon until it is marked with a minus sign. Tap the minus sign to shut down the app, then start it again. You will resume before the battle.


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