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Infinity Blade 2

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Walkthrough (iPad)



At the start of the game when you see the title, you can defeat an opponent immediately at the beginning. Then move forward to the bridge in front of House Ix. Another enemy is waiting on the bridge. After defeating it, enter the large doors into this dark hallway. Defeat the guard, then enter a courtyard-like area with a huge statue. Go forward where an opponent will leap before you. Defeat it and enter the large doors into the tower with a large clock in the back. Continue towards the stairs where there will be an opponent nearby. Walk up the stars afterwards, and you will enter a hallway near a veranda. There will be one more guard. Defeat him, then go to the right. The stairs will lead to the top of the tower, where you will battle Thane. After his defeat and you commit suicide, it will start again. This time you have to defeat three sentinels then go back to Thane.

  • Stone Demon: When you enter the area with the large statue, go left up the stairs out into a combat arena. Go over the ledge and into the arena. There in a large gate and you will battle a huge creature. Once he has been defeated, turn in the other direction and defeat a guard. Then go through the gate he came out of. Down the stairs is an underground shrine. Halfway across the bridge is a guard (usually a Pierced Witch). After that there will be the "Stone Demon", who will jump down towards you and threaten you, only to be crushed by the real Stone Demon. Defeat him and use the shrine, which brings you back to the beginning.
  • Archivist: When you enter the area with the large statue, go forward into the tower to the stairs (which is now broken down) and defeat the guard. Go right into the hallway and you will find a room with a large rock with writing on it. There is one more guard to battle. Then, jump down to the pit with the Archivist standing in front of the rock. Defeat him and use the shrine, which brings you back to the beginning.
  • MX-Goliath: Travel the same way to the stairs with the large clock, then go right. This room will have a guard that you have to defeat. This room also has six locked doors with a weapon imprint. If you have the weapon with the matching imprint, you can unlock the door and claim whatever is inside. Continue to the next room, where you enter a hallway near a veranda. Defeat the guard there then go forward. You will enter a hallway with one more guard at the end. Defeat him and enter a room with a large opening and the MX-Goliath and the Exo-Pilot. Defeat him and use the shrine, which brings you back to the beginning.

Defeat Thane once more, go up the same path you traveled to the MX-Goliath, however go to the right up the stairs to the top of the tower. Defeat Thane and unlock the vault. Once you move down, you will have to battle Thane one more time, but only this time two thirds through the battle, the Worker of Secrets will kill Thane permanently. He will want you to find and defeat the God King so that he can take his place. Defeat three guards, then defeat the God King to complete the game.


Defeat the indicated opponent to receive the corresponding prize.

Thane (first kill): Prize Wheel.
Archivist: Usually a large amount of money.
Stone Demon: Either a new weapon or a large amount of money.
MX-Goliath: Large Key
Thane (second and final kill): Either Prize Wheel or large amount of money.
God King: Usually a rare weapon or large amount of money.

Hidden items

You can find the following items after defeating the indicated opponent.

  • Thane: Up to eight cash bags, one full health (on the stone ledges), one treasure chest (open after second kill), and medium key (behind chair left of Thane's chair).
  • Archivist: Up to four cash bags (two usually left of the rock writing and two usually near the shrine behind Siris), small key (left of rock writing or during intermission sequence when Siris and Archivist are talking when the camera falls behind the wall; there is a very close small key there).
  • Stone Demon: Four cash bags (one behind shrine, one under bridge, one on the bridge close to shrine, one on ledge before the bridge), usually extra three cash bags in the small temple where Siris enters the room, and large treasure chest before the bridge.
  • MX-Goliath: Five or six cash bags, sometimes one full health, and one large chest at far left of the room.

Secret doorways

You can find the following secret doorways if all the sentinels are already defeated before killing Thane again. All these rooms will link into a path way to the veranda (the pathway to the doorway to the MX-Goliath and the top of the tower to Thane).

  • Combat Arena: After defeating the huge creature (the one with no weapons and attacks with claws and teeth), notice that a tree has been growing in the arena. If you are going after the Stone Demon first, the tree will not be there, however if you are going to Thane for the second time, the tree will be large. This gives you the option to climb the tree if you do not want to go down the area where the Stone Demon lies. The tree will take you to the veranda near the top of the tower (before the doorway of either Thane or MX-Goliath).
  • Archivist Area: After the Archivist is defeated, a pathway will become available. This will take you to the room where you must defeat a guard. This room also has six locked doors with a weapon imprint. If you have the weapon with the matching imprint, you can unlock the door and claim whatever is inside. Continue on to the next room, where you enter a hallway near the veranda.
  • Stone Demon Shrine Cavern: If the Stone Demon is defeated, a pathway on the other side of the bridge will become available. On this pathway you will have you battle another huge creature (similar to the one in the combat arena). Defeat him and use the stairs that lead you up the side of the tower to go to the veranda (before the doorway of either Thane or MX-Goliath).
  • MX-Goliath Room: The right side of the room with have a pathway that takes you directly to the top of the tower.

Correcting mistakes in your path

Whenever you accidentally tap on a blue circle to continue but you did not mean to, tap on the sword on the top of your screen, tap the gear located on the top right, tap the character slot, and switch to a different game to play. Once the other game starts, do the same thing to return to your original game and you will resume where you left off.

Never lose a Boss battle for lack of preparation

Switch the game slot after a Boss kills you. When you switch back to your original game slot (where the Boss had killed you), you will have unlimited chances to kill them.

Prize Wheels

If you have just started the game, you will find that you can purchase Prize Wheels at the item store . Prize Wheels contain either prizes that you can already purchase at a low price (red wheel), one that gives you a decent prize, most likely keys and gems, (blue wheel), and one that gives you weapons that are hard to obtain (yellow wheel). These wheels are pretty costly. You should wait until you have enough money to buy at least one of each, if you want to see what you can get. Some Bosses do drop these, so use them whenever when you can. Even if you have lots of money, do not consider getting the Rare prize wheel until you have completed the game at least twice. The prizes will be of better quaility the more higher you are without restarting to Rebirth 1. If you keep restarting the game, the prizes will keep repeating and it will be almost impossible to get the best and most rare prizes.


Easy gold

  • Note: This will only work if you have mastered the Infinity Blade, helmet, armor, shield, and the ring that Siris has in the beginning of the game. In order it get lots and lots of gold, complete the game at least once and mastered lots of weapons. Also have very good weapons (dual weapons recommended). Once you have the desired weapons, restart to Rebirth 1 and go through the beginning introduction. Once Siris and Isa finish talking, access the character menu and go to your inventory. Notice that you have both the Infinity Blade and the weapon you have recently obtained. Select your other weapon and sell the Infinity Blade. You can also "trade" the shield you now have with a different shield that you already have mastered. Do the same thing with the armor, helmet, and ring. You will make lots of money from selling all the equipment in one setting. Then, go through battling all the creatures and defeat Saydhi's champion, then defeat Saydhi. Once she is dead and you tap on the Infinity Blade key lock, a video will show Siris placing another Infinity Blade into the lock (even though you already sold one). During the video, access the character menu when Siris still has the Infinity Blade in hand. If he puts the blade on the rock, then it is too late. Once in the menu, notice that Siris is still holding the Infinity Blade. Go to the weapons and reselect the weapon you chose earlier. Then, go to the Infinity Blade to sell it again. You can do this repeatedly. Once you begin your rebirth at the Vault Of Tears, defeat the very first opponent, then reset to Rebirth 1. Siris will have his armor, helmet, shield, ring and Infinity Blade back, allowing you to trade and sell again.
  • Once you have killed the God King the game will restart. Fight your way to the top where you have to place the Infinity Blade into the stone. You will need 44,000 gold to master the sword if you have not done so already. Just before the character places the sword into the stone, tap on the sword on the top of the screen, select "Character", then "Items". Equip any other weapon, then sell the Infinity Blade and resume the game. Do not tap on the sword on the top of the screen again; tap the gear to the right, select "Character Slots" and switch games. Once the other game starts, do the same thing to go back to the original game. You will resume just before you placed the sword into the stone and be able to sell the Infinity Blade again. Repeat this process as many times as desired. It is possible to do this three or four times a minute and make a total of 18 million gold in thirty minutes.
  • Go to the "Characters" screen. Select the cheapest light weapon then the most expensive heavy weapon. Next, tap "Sell" and scroll to the right simultaneously. If done correctly, you will see the heavy weapon under the "Sell" screen. Select "Sell" and you will receive 1,000,000 gold.
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  • Progress until you have the six items needed to unlock the gates in the room with six triangles. Then, restart the game in Bloodline One. Before fighting anyone, equip the default items that became available when you started in the castle area. Then, fight the first ninja. The prompt to block his attacks will not appear. Allow the ninja to kill you. Select the option to restart the game on the previous bloodline. Because there is no previous bloodline available, the game will not recognize that you have already obtained the six items neededto unlock the gates. Play again and return to the room with the triangles for a fresh set of equipment. Continue from there and fight to obtain the large key, then reset to Bloodline One again. Repeat the process as many times as desired to get high value equipment that you can sell, as well as another large key.
  • The game will restart once you have killed the God King. Get to the top where you put the Infinity Blade in the stone. Make sure that you have mastered the sword. Immediately before the character puts the sword into the rock, tap the sword at the top of your screen, and select "Character", then "Items". Equip yourself with any weapon other than the Infinity Blade, then subsequently sell the Infinity Blade and resume the game. Make sure not to tap the sword at the top of your screen after this. Instead, tap the gear to the right and go to "Character Slots". Then, switch games. After the other game begins, tap the gear again and return to the first game you were just playing. The game should start again just before you put the sword into the stone, and this will allow you to sell the Infinity Blade once more. You can do this as many times as desired.
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  • To do this particular trick you will first need to have the Infinity Blade, Halfstar, Thistle, Gelder, Ricochet, and the Imperial. After you have those do the following.
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1. Do a Rebirth reset.
2. Go through and play the 1st Rebirth as usual.
3. Go through the 2nd Rebirth, and turn left when you pass the location with the big dragon statue in the middle.
4. Defeat your opponent in the room that has a number of sealed doors.
5. Unlock all the doors you possibly can and collect all the items inside of them.
6. Go through the first four steps once more. All the doors will once more be locked and have items inside for the taking. Unlock those doors and grab all the items.
7. Go to the store and sell all your extra loot.
8. Repeat the steps all over again. It will not take as long as it did the first time due to the fact that you will already have one of each item. By selling all the items you can make more than 300,000 gold easily.

Endless Infinity Blades and money

This glitch will let you get lots of cash by selling endless Infinity Blades that you will obtain free of charge. Before you can do this, you will have to have played through the game once already and fully mastered the Infinity Blade. Starting the game again, go through the tutorial and fight the first big Boss. After you defeat her, equip any other weapon instead of the Infinity Blade. Sell the Infinity Blade and leave the inventory menu. If you move on to view the animation, just before Siris (the main character) puts the Infinity Blade in the rock, open your inventory and you should see that you once more have the Infinity Blade. There should be another animation after this one ends. When that animation first begins, enter the "Options" menu and navigate to "Restart Rebirth 1". The game should begin again from the tutorial's introduction. This time around, assuming you have used the correct gear (Eidius, Nodus, Seratic Armor, and Ring of Ice and Fire), you will end up with two of every single one of those items. Sell them to earn well over 380,000 gold. You can repeat the entire process and earn amount each time.
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Free Water Attack gem

When you first go through the intro tutorial, you will gain a +100 Water Attack gem that you can put on your Infinity Blade. Immediately remove it. After you have started the Rebirth and completed the tutorial, this gem will be sitting there for you to use. As soon as you get the opportunity, equip it. You will now have a +100 Attack gem to carry with you always. Note: You can sell the gem for a lot of gold, but you will be hard pressed to find something as good as this gem.
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Continue Rebirth after unlocking the Blood Seal

When Siris falls to the ground and dies after you defeat a Blood Sentinel, immediately pause game play. Tap "Options", select "Last Rebirth" and tap "Check". You will restart the Rebirth but still retain all items, levels, experience, etc. that were acquired. Additionally, the Blood Seal will be unlocked. Repeat the procedure each time until you must fight Thane again after his rebirth, which will allow you battle Thane and Radriar at much lower levels than normal.