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Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.
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Finding Your Feet (Bronze): Complete The Temple Approach.
King of the Jungle (Bronze): Complete The Great Falls.
Islands in the Sky (Bronze): Complete The Ancient Repository.
Robot Wars (Bronze): Defeat the Big Bot.
Friend of the Rock Dragon (Bronze): Complete Flight to the Swamp.
Slimy Mudhole (Bronze): Complete The Refinery.
Spelunker (Bronze): Complete Coral Caverns.
Friend of the Desert Dragon (Bronze): Complete Dragon Escape.
Not so fast! (Bronze): Complete The Steel Heart of Darkness.
Not Quite A Jaguar... (Bronze): Obtain Ocelotl's form.
Strong Like Bull (Bronze): Obtain Minotaur's form.
A Perfect Eating Machine (Bronze): Obtain Tigershark's form.
Angry Panda (Bronze): Obtain Xiong Mao's form.
Samurai Hog (Bronze): Obtain Shizoku's form.
I vant to drink your blood! (Bronze): Obtain Chupacabra's form.
Top Cat (Bronze): Obtain Zaphyra's form.
Blink and You'll Miss Him (Bronze): Obtain Neko Suke's form.
Any Old Iron (Bronze): Destroy 500 enemy robots.
Appetite For Destruction (Silver): Defeat every type of X-Tractor.
Full Upgrade! (Bronze): Fully upgrade your first Invizimal.
Maximum Evolution! (Silver): Purchase all upgrades.
Spark Centurion (Bronze): Collect 100 Sparks.
Spark Legionnaire (Silver): Collect 1000 Sparks.
Sparkus Maximus (Gold): Collect all 2000 Sparks.
Z-Spark Collector (Bronze): Collect 100 Z-sparks.
Z-Spark Expert (Silver): Collect 6,500 Z-sparks.
Z-Spark Master (Gold): Collect all 13,000 Z-sparks.
Obtainer of Rare Antiquities (Silver): Collect all Pup Idols.
Touched by Darkness (Silver): Collect all Dark Seeds.
Master of Unlocking (Silver): Unlock All Vault Doors.
Perfect! (Bronze): Complete an Invizimal Challenge without making a mistake.
Mountaineer (Bronze): Climb 600m distance.
Wet work (Bronze): Swim 10km.
Falling With Style (Bronze): Complete a set of chain pads without making a mistake.
A feeling of déjà vu (Bronze): Revisit a Chapter.
Beast Master (Bronze): Take flight aboard a dragon.

Additionally there are nine secret trophies.

Industrial Revolution (Gold): Defeat Max Black.
He's As Cold As Ice (Bronze): Obtain Icelion's form.
Day of the Uberjackal (Bronze): Obtain Uberjackal's form.
Laughin' (Bronze): Obtain Ha Ha Yena's form.
Top Dog (Bronze): Obtain Metalmutt's form.
Totem Gesture (Bronze): Obtain Shapeshifter's form.
Release The Kraken!!! (Bronze): Obtain Kraken's form.
Abominable! (Bronze): Obtain Yeti's form.
Wart Could Go Wrong? (Bronze): Obtain Toxitoad's form.