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Jagged Alliance 2: Gold Pack

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Note: The v1.06 or later patch is required to enabled the following codes. Hold [Ctrl] and type g a b b i at the tactical game screen to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Screen Code
Aborts enemies turn Tactical [Alt] + [Enter]
All characters and items are visible Tactical [Alt] + E
Damage character under pointer Tactical [Ctrl] + H
Kill all enemies in current sector Tactical [Alt] + O
Refresh health and energy for all characters Tactical [Ctrl] + U
Reload selected character's gun Tactical [Alt] + R
Restore selected character's AP Tactical [Alt] + D
Teleport selected character to pointer Tactical [Alt] + T
Teleport squad to sector under pointer in travel mode Map [Ctrl] + T
Kill all enemies in sector Map [Alt] + [Auto Resolve]
Additional $100,000 Laptop [Plus]
Decrease money by $10,000 Laptop [Minus]
Merc forces "away" character to join team Laptop [Space] + Left Mouse Button
100 points of damage to all enemies in sector Other [Alt] + O
Character sits in wheelchair Other [Alt] + 4
Character transforms into monster Other [Alt] + 5
Create new character Other [Alt] + G
Create robot Other [Alt] + V
Mustard gas explosion at pointer Other [Alt] + K
Spawn civilian at pointer Other [Alt] + C
Spawn enemy at pointer Other [Alt] + B
Spawn item at pointer Other [Alt] + I

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Trainer: +19 v1.10 by Victor D. Wolverine

Trainer: +19 v1.12 by Victor D. Wolverine