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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Action Hero (20 points): Play 50 arcade games.
Adrenaline Junkie (30 points): Achieve a combo x20 in Arcade Mode.
Architect (5 points): Create a tower with 5 single brick layers in Classic Mode.
Big Hitter (15 points): Achieve a score of 40000 in Arcade Mode.
Blogger (10 points): Post a score to your Facebook page.
Bragging Rights (10 points): Post a Classic and Arcade high score to the leaderboards.
Carpenter (15 points): Achieve a tower height of 24 layers in Classic Mode.
Demolition Man (10 points): Destroy your Jenga tower 15 times.
Endangered Species (10 points): Use all boosts in Arcade Mode.
Friends in High Places (30 points): Co-operatively build a Tower of 22 layers.
Fun for All (15 points): Play 10 Online Games of Jenga.
He's On Fire! (40 points): Pick up a 5 Game Winning Streak.
High Flyer (5 points): Achieve a score of 10000 in Arcade Mode.
House Proud (15 points): In Arcade mode, match 3 layers of the same colour.
Lumberjack (5 points): Achieve a tower height of 21 layers in Classic Mode.
Master Craftsman (30 points): Achieve a tower height of 31 layers in Classic Mode.
Mind Over Matter (10 points): Play a Classic game for 10 minutes without the tower collapsing.
Nerves of Steel (20 points): Create a tower with 10 single brick layers in Classic Mode.
New Kid on the Block (20 points): Beat all scores in the local leaderboard.
Practice Makes Perfect (20 points): Play 50 classic games.
Rafiki (30 points): Collect 5 Jenga Friends.
Record Breaker (50 points): Beat the Jenga world record of 40 layers.
RSVP (25 points): Invite 5 Players to Online Jenga.
Speed Freak (5 points): Achieve a combo x5 in Arcade Mode.
Style Over Substance (15 points): Achieve a combo x10 in Arcade Mode.
Unbeatable (30 points): Achieve a score of 100000 in Arcade Mode.
Undermined (40 points): Complete 5 Online Games against the same Friend.
Victorious (20 points): Wind an Online Game of Jenga.