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Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine (PlayStation3)

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Cheat Codes

All racers

Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, R3, L3 at the main menu.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
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Platinum (Platinum): Collect all Jimmie Johnson's AWAE trophies.
Beginner (Bronze): Complete a Career Mode event.
Rookie Champ (Silver): Complete Career Mode by playing all events on Rookie difficulty or higher.
Pro Champ (Gold): Complete Career Mode by playing all events on Pro difficulty or higher.
All-Star Champ (Gold): Complete Career Mode by playing all events on All-Star difficulty.
Speedster (Bronze): Win your first Time Attack event, in Career Mode or Single Event (Regulation rules).
Endurer (Bronze): Win your first Endurance event, in Career Mode or Single Event (Regulation rules).
Duelist (Bronze): Destroy an opponent's car in a Duel, in Career Mode or Single Event.
Saboteur (Bronze): Destroy an opponent's car as the Chicken Bomb in a Multiplayer Survival event.
Traveler (Bronze): Complete an online Multiplayer event.
Homebody (Bronze): Complete a local Multiplayer event.
Tinkerer (Bronze): Build a new vehicle in the Garage.
Enthusiast (Gold): Complete 50 Events in Single Event mode (Regulation Rules).
Collector (Silver): Build all vehicles in the Garage.
Explorer (Silver): Discover and successfully traverse an Expert Shortcut.
Renegade (Gold): Renegade Discover and traverse all Expert Shortcuts successfully.
Sprinter (Gold): Beat all Time Attack Events on All-Star difficulty in Single Event Mode (Regulation rules).
Marathoner (Silver): Complete a 50 lap Endurance event.
Boxer (Silver): Achieve a 10x Ram Combo.
Strategist (Silver): Win a Single Event Race (Regulation rules), without using the Pitstop.
Pacifist (Gold): Win a Duel without using any weapons in Career mode or Single Event (Regulation Rules).
Rascal (Silver): Use every Gotcha to successfully strike at Bot opponents.
Achiever (Silver): Earn all Badges in a Single Event Race (Regulation rules).
Comeback Kid! (Silver): Win a Single Event Race (Regulation rules) by climbing from last to first place in the final lap.
Advocate (Silver): Win an online Ranked event playing as Jimmie Johnson.