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Joe Danger 2: The Movie (Xbox 360)

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Easy "24 Carat Joe!" achievement or trophy

You can earn this by getting 30 of 30 Pro stars if you do not have the DLC installed. Otherwise, 36 Pro stars must be collected, which is significantly more difficult. To get a Pro star, complete all the other stars requirements of a level in the same attempt. Once you get all the stars in the same playthrough, you will earn a Pro medal/star. Not all levels have a Pro star, and you can skip levels without one. To get 30 Pro stars, you must complete the main campaign (Movie mode), as well as the "deleted scenes".

Easy "Movie Maker!" achievement or trophy

Make a level of any complexity (even an empty level), exit, and save it. Go to the "Edit Custom Level" menu and select the "Upload" button. Once the level has been uploaded, you can immediately delete it from the workshop. "Movie Maker!" will appear when you exit the game.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Best Supporting Actor! (5 points): Finish a four player multiplayer race!
24 Carat Joe! (25 points): Grab all the Pro Medals!
Pro League! (15 points): Grab 5 Pro Medals!
That's a Wrap! (25 points): Earn all Deleted Scene stars!
Speed Star! (15 points): Collect 5 Time stars!
Best Director! (10 points): Complete all the Movie Maker tutorials!
Rocket Man! (15 points): Finished the fifth act of Movie Mode!
King of the Swingers! (15 points): Finished the fourth act of Movie Mode!
I AM the Law! (15 points): Finished the third act of Movie Mode!
Winter is Coming! (15 points): Finished the second act of Movie Mode!
Flawless! (15 points): Achieve 6 Combo stars!
Stars in Their Eyes! (15 points): Achieve 7 Ministar stars!
Tea-Rex! (15 points): Finish the Dino Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Mr Roboto! (15 points): Finish the Roboto Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Lucky Mclucky! (15 points): Finish the Mclucky Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Totemic! (15 points): Finish the Totem Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Cupcake King! (15 points): Finish the Cupcake Cup in Deleted Scenes!
Action Hero! (25 points): Earn all Movie Mode stars!
Five Star! (20 points): Grab five stars in one run!
Movie Buff! (5 points): Receive a level.
Talent Spotter! (15 points): Collect 3 hidden stars.
Movie Maker! (5 points): Upload a level.
First Day on Set! (5 points): Finished your second level.

Additionally there are seven secret achievements.

Quick Change! (5 points): Change a vehicle mid level!
Most Determined! (10 points): Complete a level after crashing 50 times!
Spring Roll! (10 points): Bounce off a spring after death!
Rising Star! (10 points): Complete a level after coming off your vehicle
Monkey Business! (15 points): Collect 4 Banana stars!
WOW! (10 points): Achieve a 40x Combo!
Film Critic! (5 points): "Like" a level in the Movie Maker!

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Joe's Cosmic helmet: Collect a set of D-A-N-G-E-R!
Joe's Galactic trousers: Collect a third set of D-A-N-G-E-R!
Joe's Jubilant jetpack: Collect a second set of D-A-N-G-E-R!

Undead Movie Pack